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A good, clean bench is always in high demand in anyone's shop, and at the same time, uncluttered space is always at a premium. Here is a slick idea I came up with that solves both, quickly, easily and cheaply.

Here is the bench folded up against the wall, up and out of the way. This is a huge 32"x80" work area! The table itself is an interior door for weight savings, although a solid wood exterior door is a tougher unit at triple the weight.

As the bench is folded down from the wall, the hinged legs automatically fold down along the back 2x4 as a wall guide. Note the two coil springs on each leg to keep the hinged 2x4 up against the wall at all times. This makes unfolding a snap.

When the bench is completely folded down, the surface in perfectly level and only one hand is needed to accomplish all this. No legs to prop out, no locks at secure, no adjustments to make, no nothing! ...except a quick, clean & cheap working area that won't be in your way when you don't need it.

At the bottom of the wall guides is a block to keep the leg off the floor. Note the black metal guides that "funnel" the leg into it's secure pocket even if the leg is slightly off center when it's being lowered. No intervention is needed to insure this is lined upů it's all automatic.

Six heavy duty door hinges are used to both allow the bench to fold as well as support it once it's folded down. A solid stop could be installed under the hinge area to provide a more secure base when it's folded down as well. This method works well.

When the table is folded up against the wall, a simple dead bolt is used to keep it secure while small adhesive button stops cushion the table from hitting the wall. Note the way the leg hinge is configured. More legs could be added for increased support to handle heavier loads and provide more stable support. For most purposes, two legs worked very well and very secure.

As a final touch, the surface top and sides were covered with Formica, which is very hard, durable surface that cleans up very easy. All in all the door cost 20 bucks, hinges and hardware under 10 bucks, the wood framing was 10-15 bucks and the Formica was the most expensive addition at 45 bucks including the glue.

Nice thing about this bench is that it's SO easy and quick to fold up and down you'll find yourself using it constantly. It never fails that other benches get cluttered quickly, but with this one, it can't!

Another tip, you can put tool clamps on the underside so you can store tools on the "Wall" when folded in the up position, yet they won't fall off when the table is lowered to the bench position.