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(above) The Radio Shack Mangler. Not a bad unit off the shelf, but room for improvement. Oh, yes… we have idea's on this one.

(above) The Spartan interior was meant for serious service only. No daily driver here. Note the passenger side mounted radio.

(above) Ample visibility allows for careful navigation in even the worst of conditions. Note the ample leg room as well.

(right) First thing that needed to be done was to upgrade the steering system with my new Performance Unlimited Gravel Proof© Tie rods which increases tie rod diameter from .066" to a huge .140"!!

(below) The next thing was to beef up the rear suspension with some long travel coil overs. The stock suspension severely limits wheel travel and does not handle rough terrain adequately. The new and improved system (left) has a lower spring rate and a longer travel shock allowing for nearly 1.12" wheel travel compared to the stock .180" which comes out to 622% more travel.

(below) There was a lot of room for improvement at the frontend as the stock single short travel shock allowed for a maximum of only .500" wheel travel.

(below) Dual long travel coil overs and ultra light springs increased the front wheel travel up to 2.18" that resulted in a 436% improvement over stock.

(below) The prototype Super Mangler-II "Quad Dually" package boasts 8 big 5.56x2.93 tires all the way around for superior off road floatation and traction. In addition the 9.6v Ni-Cad battery pack has a remote activated 18.1 volt "Ray-O-Vac" boost module for a 4 second burst that doubles the power output with minimal motor damage.

(below) Finally a 1.53" Lift kit was installed along with bigger and more aggressive 5.56x2.93 tires compared to the smaller and less aggressive stock 4.12x2.00 tires. Massive polyethylene brush guards add to the ruggedness while the chrome rims boast the show quality of the debut of the new Super Mangler-II.