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Here's what I do in my spare time… work on my trucks, of course! No, I don't build and sell these tanks, I simply make them for specific purposes and as a way to exercise my creative thoughts when I want to relax.

I wanted more fuel capacity for my 88 Ford Centurion (F-350 Bronco conversion 4x4), and didn't want or had the room to install a second auxiliary tank. So, I set out to make the most of the room I had where the original tank was nestled in the back of the truck. By utilizing every space, nook and cranny, I was able to fit a custom formed 56 gallon tank, where the original 28 gallon version could barely fit. Not only that, but the new tank sits up higher and out of the way… it not only LOOKS like a Stealth Fighter, is does have "Stealth" capabilities!

Because I was in such a hurry to get this Super Tank under my rig, I didn't have the time to snap photos along the way, but I did get a chance to show you the end result. There are a lot of extra features designed into this tank so be sure to check them all out and maybe include a few in your next project, if you decide to "get tanked up"!

OUTSIDE                             INSIDE                           INSTALLED

Increased capacity by using existing space
Heavy ga. steel (16ga.)
Integral skid plate on bottom and back (14ga. or 12ga.)
Internal baffles to strengthen and reduce fuel slosh
Able to accept EFI (return line & charcoal vent) systems
Increased diameter fuel inlet & remote vent tube for fast filling
HD filler neck for improved strength from bending & impacts
Easy "bandless" mounting using welded brackets on the tank
Geometrically angled exterior plates to increase tank rigidity

Aftermarket sender adjustable for consistent accuracy.
Multiple "extra" threaded bungs for additional fittings
Bottom feed fitting for external on-the-tank fuel pump
Middle positioned fuel pickup tube to suck fuel off bottom
External fuel filter eliminating the in-tank version
Pressure tested for guaranteed leak free performance
Internally lined with gas tank sealer to prevent rust
Externally coated with bed liner material for protection
Access ports (to fit arm in) bolted on top

Super Tanker Specs…

TOTAL CAPACITY:             
56.3  gallons
54.5 gallons
54.2 gallons
103 lbs
497 lbs
DIMENSIONS WxLxH:         32.5" x 24.5" x 18.0"
$96.27 (at $1.71/gal)
GAUGE INCREMENTS:       1/8=7 gal    1/4=14 gal   
1/2=29 gal  3/4=43 gal
full=56 gal