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OUTSIDE                             INSIDE                           INSTALLED

NOTE the "Red-Coat" brand translucent gas tank liner and sealer. This "tumble coated" product has an elastic "taffy" like consistency and is extremely tough and flexible. The liner is designed to fill in any possible voids and seal them, while our primary requirement was the anti-rust properties it possessed. This allowed us to fabricate the tank with lesser expensive materials and still adequately seal and protect for rust and corrosion

Remote vent threaded bung welded in filler tube allows for faster, less troublesome fill ups. All 56 gallons can be filled at full flow with no stops, right up to the last quart of capacity.

In many modern EFI filler necks, the fuel actually fills though a puny 3/4" I.D. hose located inside of the 2" dia outside hose, where the vented fuel vapors flow up and around the 3/4" hose back to the filler neck. Our vent tube is now remotely routed to the tank. Note the longer steel neck, which reduces the rubber hose needed for both cost and potential leakage reductions