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Crystalite™ headlamp housings are a direct replacement for most standard 7" round & sealed beam headlamps and directly replace the expensive and fragile Lucas style headlamps found in many Cobras. The clear lensed non-fluted, refracted mirrored reflector enhances night illumination as well as presenting a unique look during the daylight. The clear refracted face give any car a more expensive and elegant look to it during the daylight as well as night.

Give your Cobra an entirely different look and enhance night time illumination at the same time just by installing Crystalite lamps!


left- the Crystalite™ lens is clear allowing the environmental colors to reflect off the lamps. At evening, the lamps appear orange & during the day they appear sky blue.

right-  Crystalite™ lamps utilize an impact resistant tempered glass lenses.


left- the Crystalite™ headlamp housing accepts OEM style H-4 halogen bulbs as well as our very own higher output
Lightning White Bulbs.

right-Glass is much more durable than OEM plastic lenses & has as a sealed composite reflector housing, eliminating corrosion keeping the reflector at maximum performance.

During the daytime, the OEM style fluted lens on the left looks much less elegant and expensive than the inexpensively priced Crystalite™ headlamps on the right...

...and at night the Crystalite™ headlamps on the right clearly appears much more intense and brighter than the OEM style fluted lens on the left. Both low beam and high beam illumination is enhanced while still maintaining a legal low beam pattern. Also, by adding the optional Lightning-White™ headlamp bulbs we offer, the intensity on high beam is even brighter, while the low beam is clearer since yellow light is reduced for clearer vision and a better look and and HID type appearance. No extra heat is generated or additional amperage is drawn by these optional Lightning-White™ high-output headlamp, making them safe for your OEM wired electrical system.

OEM style                           Crystalite™

When unlit, the Crystalite™ headlamp appears clear at one angle, and then refelct a blue hue at another when using our optional
Lightning White


optional H-4 Headlamp Plug & Harness

Testimonial: Bob Graham - Cobra:
"I Finally installed the Crystalite headlamps I bought from you... and just wanted to tell you that they are amazing.  I got the (Lightning White) bulbs with them and they have more than met my expectations… Hey, I can finally see where I'm going in the Cobra now!"

Testimonial: Don Leonard - Cobra:
"...The light is a replacement housing that will replace the light currently in you're car ...and unlike the lights in you're car now these are DOT rated. They have the driving light in them like the stock lights and are a very well made light. I also did a bulb upgrade ...VERY BRIGHT!  ...I checked them last night and they are impressive ...noticed a significant difference from the stock head lights. Much brighter and a much sharper light. Very very nice! I'm sure you will be pleased with this upgrade."