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Aligning our Crystalite and Tri-Lite headlamps will maximize their effectiveness and reveal their true potential with a greatly improved field of lighting coverage and focus.

First, drive out to a deserted section of road late at night where no traffic will be anticipated. Make sure the road is flat and long, preferably with a dark blacktop surface. Park your car in the driving lane as if you were driving it and just stopped. (NOTE: Use caution to prevent accidents and/or injuries resulting from other cars on the road).

With your headlamps on low beam, walk to the front of the car and throw a cloth jacket over the driver headlamp and adjust the passengers beam to illuminate the road from the center of that
lane toward the ditch, and out as far as you'd want the low beams to extend. Then transfer the jacket from the driver lamp to the passenger lamp and adjust the driver beam to extend slightly over the centerline of the road, and slightly less distance than the passenger beam. This allows for extended viewing without needing the high beams as much as well as improved ditch illumination for cornering all while reducing glare to the drivers coming at you in the other lane. Transfer the jacket back and forth to compare the beam patterns and allowing them to overlap at the center of the car.

Now, select the high beams and test them in the same fashion as illustrated above. You may need to compromise the low beam pattern slightly in order to achieve the high beam pattern you desire. After you feel you have satisfactorily aligned your headlamps, drive the car a while in varying conditions and fine tune accordingly. In this fashion you will realize the maximum performance that your new headlamps are capable of!