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Lightning-White™ HID level headlamp bulbs are a direct replacement for H-4 type headlamps. These bulb capsules generate nearly double the illumination and brightness levels than OEM type bulbs while not using any more current draw! The special bulb purple iodine coating (this is not a tint like other cheaper substitutes) eliminates virtually all yellow light which allows for more intense reflection of objects at night as well as clearer vision during inclement weather. The Lightning White™ appearance is similar to that of the H.I.D. lamps found only on the newer luxury cars, and not the "blue tint" found on cheaper bulbs.  Light color is measured in "degrees of temperature" where the Lightning White™ illuminates at 4100k, which is an intensely bright white color. This product fits all applications requiring H-4 type bulbs. - DO NOT confuse these with other cheap tinted bulbs you can find that need 80, 100 and higher input wattage draws just to get the same brightness  and actually produce less light and illumination that stock OEM bulbs. Those cheaper deals are illegal due to both their blue colored beam and their higher than DOT approved wattage. - The Lightning-White™ difference is CLEARLY above the rest in quality, effeceincy and performance. There is no substitute!


...These are NOT the common "blue" lights you might have seen. These produce a BRIGHT CRISP WHITE
color output as close as you can get to H-I-D lights!

Note color difference of the standard "yellow"
appearing standard bulb on the left to the crisp "HID"
appearing bulb and brightness on the right.

NEW! Lightning White-II bulbs!!!
now -  20% brighter than our brightest bulbs!!!

$89.95 /Pair    H-4 Lightning White-II bulbs
                                    60/55w draw  135/120w output

$14.95 /Each   H-4 Standard OEM style bulbs
                                    60/55w draw - 60/55w output


optional H-4 Headlamp Plug & Harness for wiring system not already accepting standard sealed beams or H-4 bulbs

Testimonial: Bob Graham - Cobra:
"I Finally installed the Crystalite headlamps I bought from you... and just wanted to tell you that they are amazing.  I got the (Lightning White) bulbs with them and they have more than met my expectations… Hey, I can finally see where I'm going in the Cobra now!"

Testimonial: Don Leonard - Cobra:
"...The light is a replacement housing that will replace the light currently in you're car ...and unlike the lights in you're car now these are DOT rated. They have the driving light in them like the stock lights and are a very well made light. I also did a bulb upgrade ...VERY BRIGHT!  ...I checked them last night and they are impressive ...noticed a significant difference from the stock head lights. Much brighter and a much sharper light. Very, very nice! I'm sure you will be pleased with this upgrade."