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These slick and easy to install Tonneau Cover Door Pin Conversions were developed by Superformance owner Chester Schwer & brought to you exclusively by Cobra Valley.

While the first prototypes we made from left over material, everything here is top quality, high grade polished Stainless Steel from the pins ot the washers to the nuts and all hardware.

C/S conversion kit provides you with 1 complete door side pin assembly to secure down the front right side corner of the your tonneau cover for your Superformance® Mk-III (and other brands w/ similar door sleeves)

With one kit, cinch down your floppy front right side tonneau cover to prevent the side from lifting up while driving with the passenger side covered with the tonneau.

two kits, secure down both the driver and passenger front corners to reduce moisture entry when parked in rain.

With four kits, secure down both the driver and passenger front corners and middle sections to even better reduce moisture and debris entry when parked in rain and wind.

six kits, secure down both driver and passenger front corners, middle and rear door sections to provide maximum weather security. While the rear door edge pins are not needed since the existing OEM snap is right next to it on the body, it does offer a sense of uniformity with all available door pins holes filled.

Easily removable for a smooth look or just leave them in all the time! All components and hardware made entirely with
polished, gleaming, long lasting and corrosion resistant Solid Stainless Steel !!!

Each kit consists of...

S.S. Door Lift-A-Dot pin
S.S. Door pin adapter assembly
S.S. Door pin nut
S.S. Door pin washer
S.S. Lift-A-Dot cover plate
S.S. Lift-A-Dot backing plate


1.  Install the pin(s) into the door where you wish them to be located. The Front left corner is most economical, or both sides if purchasing additional kits. Snug slightly more than just finger tight, about 2-3 ft lbs of torque.

Hint: You could use a wingnut to facilitate faster on & off situations, but finger tightening the standard nuts should be sufficient.

2.  Mark and punch a 5/16 hole thru the cover where you want the snap to protrude though the tonneau cover.

3.  If the hole is in the double layer of the cover, make a slit at the hole (in the direction of pull when you install the cover) only on the backside of the cover to insert the backing plate for the snap. 

4.  Drive the snap into the cover from the front side thru both layers , then turn the cover over and with a small screwdriver, lift the material away from the underside and insert the backing plate.

5.  You can then bend the ears on the snap.  A small amount of silicone seal can be used around the slit if you wish. 

6.  The back side of the snaps that only go thru 1 layer can be finished with a small piece of Naugahyde installed with upholstery cement, or sew it on securely permanently since the cement may soften in the sun.

7.  By placing thick, soft adhesive backed common household weather stripping on the underside of the tonneau along the sides, this will prevent air or moisture from entering the cockpit since the factory door sleeves make the tonneau set up higher off the door than on the rest of the car. This will also prevent the tonneau from buffeting on the paint at speed.