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The PRO-TEC System 1 is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and it's contents. Any movement of the trailer, or the opening of a door will trigger the alarm. This will cause the electrical brakes of the trailer to be applied making movement impossible in addition to exterior alarms alerting the public.

Protec System One Control Unit - Monitors all doors and any movement of trailer by means of adjustable shock sensor and pin switches. Contained in a weather resistant plastic mounting box

Siren - Water resistant 128db sound

Brackets (3): Universal steel mounting brackets and installed pin switches (3):

*  Polycarbonate shaft
*  Stainless steel spring
*  Nickel plated steel body
*  Tin Plated Brass QC 
*  Easily Adjusted

Key chain remote control units that arm/disarm at a range of up to 200 feet. 2 Included. (Additional Remotes available)

Pager - Monitors the status of Protec System One or manual paging button with different beeping sequences.

Alarms System
PTS-1   System  $432.00
PTS-1P w/Pager $588.00

Remote Pager
PU-1 Without System  $175.00

Inside Motion Detector
For internal Movement $99.00

Magnetic Surface Switches
For Doors and Windows $9.00

Magnetic Flush Mount Switches
For Doors and Windows $8.00

Extra Remote Transmitter
Additional Key Chain Remote $35.00