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Chemically weld in minutes, anywhere!

"...this is one of the strongest, most machinable and fastest curing quick set epoxy's we've ever used... Amazing!"
Chem-Weld epoxy putty is a steel reinforced two part product that produces a chemical reaction when kneaded together and begins to harden immediately after being applied. Immediate set begins within 2 minutes and can be drilled, tapped and machined within 1 hour when cured to it's full strength and produces a super strong, durable but rock hard material with incredible adhesive strength. Use this in your tool box or on the road. It's fast curing time makes this the ideal companion for emergency as well as long term repairs and projects.

Chem-Weld adheres to a wide variety of metals and plastics and withstands temperatures up to 300 F. Chem-Weld can even be applied and cured while completely underwater!

To use Chem-Weld, roughen and clean the surface to be bonded. Tear off the desired amount of epoxy and knead together with you fingers and press onto the bond area where it will begin to harden after 2 minutes. It will become rock-hard within 1 hour. For a smooth surface hand rub tap water before hardening.

Chem-Weld makes permanent repairs to the following...

*  Engine blocks
*  Cylinder heads
*  Manifolds
*  Exhaust
*  Oil pans
*  Gas tanks
*  Radiators
*  Batteries

*  Stripped bolt holes
*  Cracks & Breaks
*  Holes & Punctures
*  Leaks & Fractures
*  Plastic - Aluminum
*  Cast Iron - Steel
*  Brass - Copper
*  Stainless Steel

*  Reattach and even reconstruct broken off
     exhaust flange ears on cast cylinder heads
     as well as ears on transmission flanges with
     both aluminum and cast iron.
*  Seal and repair fuel tanks, radiators, oil
     pans and even batteries.
*  Repair plastic tanks, grills, lower body
     panels, and other plastic products