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Exotic Metal Polish TESTIMONIALS

I just received my Exotic Metal™ polish  today and I wanted to let you know that this stuff is the absolute best polish in the world. I have highly polished aluminum rims and from all the chemicals that were sprayed on them from wheel cleaners they did not shine any more, they looked like badly tarnished metal, they were absolutely ugly. I even thought about throwing them away and buying new ones that's how ugly they were and I just purchased these in June.  I tried everything and anything to restore them, nothing worked until Exotic Metal™ polish .  I am not one to write letters like this but I was so impressed that I need to let everyone know. I will send you before and after photos if you like. I am so happy! Thank You!   
-Geanine Vulich, Illinois   

Thought you would be interested in this. We bought the kids a '95 Camry. The headlights were yellow and cloudy. The car's no gem, but I thought I'd try your Exotic Metal™ polish on them since it shined up the sight glasses in the Pro Systems Holley so well. It took away the cloudiness AND the yellow appearance. They look like new! Only took a few minutes, too! I bet you could hire a swimsuit model, go out to the junkyard and make an infomercial. I'll play the part of the junkyard owner.
-Karl Schoenefeld, Missouri

I'm in Austin Texas with the Texas Cobra Club (must be 75 + cars here) awaiting the rain and selling Exotic Metal Polish. I may have sold about 10 bottles so far. There was an unofficial contest on some pretty sh*tty looking wheels on one of the cars (British fella). He asked my how I kept mine so nice. It just so happened that I had some
Exotic Metal™ polish in my trunk so I showed him. Everyone had their favorite until the Exotic came out. Not half the elbow grease...not half the time...... and twice the shine. Nice stuff... Everybody is borrowing it and it has wowed everyone. Now I am about out but I believe my work is done here. LOL 
-Gary Osborne, Texas   
(and this was sent in from the "British Fella" himself, mentioned above) ...the contest was good with the other contestant (me) walking away with his tail between his legs, muttering something about "that's some serious stuff". ("Stuff" wasn't the exact word, but close enough).
-Cameron Summers, Texas

I just thought I would write down an endorsement of...
Exotic Metal™ polish and Protectant. This stuff is fantastic! I have jars of Eagle One Never-Dull®, Eagle Aluminum Polish® and Meguiars Mirror Glaze® but they don't hold a candle to (this) magic paste! I have tossed all of my other metal polish jars and reach only for the squeeze bottle of the Ultimate Polish... You guys owe it to yourselves to get this amazing paste. Just shake a lot and frequently. Like magic a couple of passes makes a mirror of aluminum and other metals like my air cleaner, bolt heads, Jet Hot, Wheels, etc. I don't know why I waited so long to try it. I should listen to you (guys) who told me I would like it.
-Bob Broberg, Arizona

...(I have) a roadster. I have been accumulating exhaust deposits on the rear bumper guards for 4400 miles. I used your
Exotic Metal™ polish on them today and they are like new. I also used the stuff on the chrome exhaust extensions and they are like new! I used only the stuff and a rag to apply it. No work, no mess and no fuss. WONDERFUL stuff that Exotic Metal™ polish . It was so amazing if the light had been better I would have sent you a before & after picture. I never thought that accumulation would come off that easily. The few things I tried like Turtle Wax bug & tar remover did not make the guards look new even after working at it. Great product!
-Al Roysdon, Wisconsin

Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with the product (on Centerline Hellcat wheels). Best polish I have ever used! Now I won't dread the semi-annual routine near as much.
-Bruce Buchanan, Wisconsin

I would like to add my approval and give
Exotic Metal™ polish a thumbs up. My wife drives a 1968 VW bug. She loves her bug and I have been trying to restore it. Last year it was painted and we replaced all of the rubber parts. It look so good I even brought new bumpers. The best one I could find triple plated. They rusted as soon as I finished bolting them on. I waxed them, I polished them, I tried everything but nothing worked as well as Exotic Metal™ polish.  They were so bad, I was actually think of throwing them away and  fabricating some Nerf Bars. They look brand new.
-John Sherman, Massachusetts

Exotic Metal™ polish worked ...fantastic on  the spf wheels, shined them up beautifully. Works great on the jet hot  sidepipes.  Super for the metal around the windshield. I have a 65 GT350 clone, and some of the interior chrome around knobs, switches, heater controls were dull and slightly pitted. Made the stuff look like new. The spokes on the Shelby wood/alum steering wheel looked better than new! I've used all types of metal polishes (Flitz, Mothers, etc.) and I think this is the best over all polish I have used.
-Richard Tousley, Florida

...I decided that my first project will be polishing my Cast brass decoy Ducks...a quick dust off and away I go with the Exotic Metal™ polish… Holy Cow that stuff works and works good!!! ...once a year I spend at least an hour with rouge and my 5hp buffer making them shine. This stuff did the same thing in Five minutes!! ... the old aluminum fuel injection manifold and plenum that I had as a spare for the 65 Corvette needs some polishing from the years of box storage...good test. So I wipe the stuff on and just rubbed a little bit and as I rubbed I could feel the surface get smooth… So I spend some more time just rubbing away and thinking of all the good times this old injection unit and I had when suddenly I'm a done. Wow what a difference and this stuff is glowing like fresh plated Chrome.
-Bill Doolittle, California

"Finally got a chance to use the Exotic Metal™ polish on my jet coated side pipes... I have run it through 2 winters in the Northeast, and the pipes were looking pretty nasty!! I know you have all heard it before, BUT THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!!! If you don't have some, you need it."
-Jim Kellogg, New York

"My wheels have 2 years of Montana road de-icer pits and blemishes on them. Like I mentioned in my e-mail last week, I have tried several polishes prior to yours and have not had very good results. Although I only polished a small section of one of my wheels for probably
less than 1 minute your (Exotic Metal™) polish instantly removed most of the pitting and staining caused by the de-icer. I saw something in my wheel that I hadn't seen for 2 years... my reflection! ...The thing that amazed me most about your polish is the lack of "elbow grease" I had to apply to get the results. Now I am anxiously awaiting next weekend so I can polish all of my wheels! Thank you"
-Scott Jacobson,  Montana

"...I just used (
Exotic Metal Polish). Wow, wiped it on the polished finned alum valve covers on my 57 bird and
they look like chrome now. I used it on the door sill plates of the bird which were very tarnished and they too shine like a mirror now. Amazing stuff. On the exhaust tip area on the chrome bumpers of the 57 T-bird. The tips come thru the end of the bumpers and the black sludge from old tech carbs/air/fuel ratios get em pretty crummy and when they heat up the exhaust gasses add a 'bluing' coat on the bumpers in that area. Put on the... magic elixir and the black drool and bluing came right off, like NOW! Now the other stuff takes it off too, but this Exotic stuff was just plain easier and quicker to remove the crud."
-Bill Wells,  Michigan

"Prior to putting the car away I polished the wheels with
Mays® polish which worked the best… of all others I've tried. Your (Exotic Metal™ Polish) made them much more shiny and left a slick surface. Thanks! (I) detailed the vette and cobra. Your stuff is absolutely superb!!...This stuff makes polished aluminum glisten....I am amazed...! I used to use Mays®, Mothers®, Meguires®, Never Dull®… and your Exotic Metal Polish is miles beyond!
-Jeff Grice, Michigan

"I received my
Exotic Metal Polish today!  And... does it work! It is the single best metal polish that I've ever used.  I thought my PS Engineering 17" wheels were clean and shiny. Until, I lightly polished an area of about one square inch. Now, I need to polish all four wheels! It is brilliant!  Next, I polished the natural aluminum expansion tank... Now, it looks like a million dollars. This stuff is good, really good. It took me less than twenty minutes to achieve the shine that I've heard others ...bragging about taking hours with Brasso®. This stuff works!  It takes no effort to bring a brilliant shine to aluminum. ...it is effortless, and brings out a mirror finish. It works extremely well on chrome, stainless, aluminum and gold. Yes, I said gold! After polishing some today, I noticed that my wedding band of some 27 years really didn't shine too well. So, I experimented and gently polished my 14k gold ring, and after just a few seconds my ring looks better than new! You've got a winner in Exotic Metal Polish."
-Bill Austin, Tennessee

"I have been using your metal polish for almost two weeks.  It is VERY good and for final polishing, I've never used anything better (and I've used them all)... I have used it mainly on polished/billet aluminum and chrome.  It does not appear to be as abrasive as some products I've used... It works great! ...I have a billet aluminum radiator cap that I have worked on for several hours.  The best I could do was to get it to look like highly polished aluminum. Using very light pressure, your polish, and cotton balls to apply AND remove the residue, the cap now looks as if it is new chrome, much like a mirror, VERY nice!  I have also used this procedure on other pieces and they turned out equally well. I recommend this product without reservation.  Thanks for making a true Waxer's cars look even better."
-Steve Brown, Michigan

I used your Exotic Metal™ polish on my V-Rod wheels! The wheels were a bitch to clean because of their shape and all the 'stuff' in the way - like front forks, calipers, rotors, etc. etc. But, the Exotic Metal™ polish did a great job of restoring their luster and seemed to do a good job of removing the little etching that water droplets can leave on aluminum. Although the bike was in great shape when I bought it, the wheels were the worst part of it, in my opinion. A couple of hours with the Exotic Polish and I was good to go. Even got some compliments at the last Bike Night I went to.
-Fred Rice, Tennessee

"I went… to test out the Exotic Metal™ polish on the empty engine bay (my Cobra) which will be 7 years old this June. Some pretty good crud on the stainless heat shields where it was difficult to reach. Worked great! They now have a mirror-like shine that looks like new. Worked on my wheels and they too look like new. What I really like is the ease of use, no arm numbing rubbing to get there. (The shop manager) was also impressed."
-Bill Wertz, Indiana

I've just finished trying the new polish and found the following... I used to use
Flitz® to polish the ceramic coated pipes and your Exotic MetalPolish is better. It did a great job on the aluminum wheels... It did an amazing job on the polished stainless on the bumpers. Up to this point I was never satisfied with anything else for stainless steel. Who knows, this stuff may even work better when the temp in my garage approaches civilized levels. Thanks for the good product. 
-Larry Lublin, Michigan

So today I was under the hood and used some (Exotic MetalPolish) on the aluminum fire wall and geez did it shine. Really impressed. Now I don't know much about  chemistry other than being behind a bar but that stuff smokes!
-Wes Rozan, Michigan