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Renewing your washable air filter regularly is the key to maximum filtration and minimum restriction resulting in more power, better gas mileage and longer engine life. Gauze construction filters like the K&N, need gentle care when cleaning, and this special cleaner does just that. Once thoroughly cleaned you need to recharge your filter with the right oil that will cling to the filter element properly and provide maximum filtration as well as minimize air flow restriction. This special oil will also stick longer to prevent the oil in the filter element from prematurely drying out, thus defeating the filtration protection needed and relied upon.


K&N Filter Oil (popular)
6.5 ounce aerosol


K&N Filter Oil
12.25 ounce aerosol


K&N Degreaser (popular)
12 ounce pump spray


K&N Degreaser
32 ounce pump spray

HINT: The degreaser/cleaner is EXCELLENT for all engine, suspension and other degreasing and will not harm paint or chrome. Far exceeds the performance of most "orange" cleaners! Use it on everything in the shop, including in the kitchen!