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For a limited time only, you can receive a detailed color coded, fully laminated  Octane Boost and Nitro Additive MIXING GUIDE which tells you all the levels of mix ratios, jetting suggestions, octane increases, fuel storage durations, and applications for street and strip use! This handy weatherproofed guide is only available through Cobra Valley!

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$20 -guide w/no purch
  $5 -guide w/ 1 gallon
  $1 -guide w/ 2 gallons+


A custom-blended "liquid supercharger" developed for gasoline & diesel engines! Designed to extract that last bit of power from stock or modified engines. Dyno tests show 30-40 hp increase may be obtained using this product. Nitro creates additional oxygen which allows more fuel to be added, thus increasing H.P. output. This may be done by increasing the jet sizes in carburetors, or most hi tech EFI systems will detect and richen the mixture automatically to a certain extent. Periodically monitor plug conditions to insure correct results. Contains Koolinal® as a blender & cooling agent which resists against heat & pre-ignition, plus a stabilizer to assure maximum power output under varied weather conditions. Nitro will generate extra power & heat, however, heat is the limiting factor. If engine starts to build excessive heat, the quantity of Nitro must be reduced to avoid possible engine damage. Sustained high RPM may also be the deciding factor, since short bursts of WOT reduce risk of engine damage at higher mixture concentrations. Nitro Additive is intended for use with both 2 and 4 stroke gasoline and diesel only.  (use half concentration for 2 stroke engines)

Dyno & racing tests indicate the yield of these added benefits...

   * Developed for gasoline              * Designed for stock or mod. engines   * More usable H.P. & Acceleration      * More RPM's
* Contains 50% nitro propane     * Contains 50% blenders/coolants        * Contains no oil                                    * Distinctive "powerful" odor

DIRECTIONS: Mix one 16 oz can with 5 gallons of gasoline (3oz./gal) as a start.  Cooler heat range spark plug for sustained high RPM racing speeds may be necessary. Contains special cooling agents, however if too much Nitro Power Additive is added to fuel, excessive heat may occur. Use as directed to avoid serious engine damage.

JETTING: Richen low and high speed jets approximately 4-6 numbers as needed. Retarded timing may be required with applications over 4 oz. per gallon. Carefully experiment by trial and error to find the best combination. Try not to allow Nitro mix from remaining stored in a fuel can or tank for long periods of time.

NITRO MIXING RECOMMENDATIONS  (Ounces of Klotz / Per gallon of Gasoline-Diesel:
1 =    Little or no performance increase. Keeps plugs clean, reduces fouling. No significant jet change required. Very little exhaust odor.
2 =    Minimal performance increase. 1 or 2 jet number increase suggested.  Notable racy odor.
3 *    Notable performance increase. Safe as a beginning mixture. 2-3 jet increase recommended. Very notable racy odor.
4 =    Significant performance increase. Most popular if properly monitored & adjusted. 3-4 jet inc. required. Significant racy odor.
5 =    Startling performance increase. Use carefully and cautiously. 4-6 jet increase mandatory.  Significant racy odor.
6+ =  Maximum performance increase. Exceeding normally used threshold. For the professional only. Significant racy odor.

Flash point: 82 Degrees ~

Why HotRodders Love Klotz Octane Booster -  O.K... you just put your ride away for storage with the recommended full tank of fuel to reduce condensation. You also need to add a fuel stabilizer to reduce fuel system varnishes, corrosion and gumming. But when you do start your ride up with the typical fuel stabilizer, you don't want to have to be driving around with a full tank of diluted, low performance gas in your high compression engine! The solution: Klotz Octane Boost can not only PRESERVE YOUR FUEL's INTEGRITY for up to 16 months, but when you do start your engine, you will have HIGH OCTANE, HI PERFORMANCE fuel coursing through it's veins, where you can ENJOY that full tank of gas rather than just waste it! Now you can store and drive your high compression car anytime you want, for as long as you want without wasting expensive gasoline! We've seen gasoline stored in generators for YEARS with Klotz Octane Boost as a stabilizer and it starts & runs perfectly every year!


Klotz is the leader and innovator in producing Octane Boosters and still the front runner in actual numbers of octane increased per ounce and cost effectiveness. Klotz Octane Booster provides extra strength in building octane and upper cylinder lubrication. One ounce per gallon of gasoline will raise the octane 2-1/2 numbers. Proper octane level helps eliminate pre-ignition and detonation, allowing engine to run cooler and to its fullest potential.

Klotz Octane Booster is environmentally safe and provides lubrication benefits equal to tetraethyl lead. Formulated to increase octane ratings of leaded or unleaded gasoline by 10 numbers or more if desired. Klotz Octane Booster is designed as a legal additive in all types of stock class racing. Adding more Octane Booster to gasoline than needed is not necessarily harmful, but simply becomes non-effective past a certain point. No more than 120 total octane can be achieved with gasoline as a fuel by nature.  Using a significantly higher octane content than required can actually reduce power, as the effect of the slow burning fuel produces less combustion pressure. Klotz Octane Booster is also an excellent gasoline stabilizer preserving gasoline up to 16 months during storage.

Tests indicate the yield these added benefits...

*   1 oz. per gallon raises octane 2-1/2 numbers - 2 to 3 oz. per gallon produces significantly racy exhaust odor.
*   Helps
stop pre-ignition & detonation and Absorbs water condensation especially critical when using fuels with Ethanol additives such as E-10 and E-15 
*   Raises fuel vaporization point (Boiling point) especially advantageous at higher altitudes and hotter days and with fuels using Ethanol additives to reduce "vapor lock"
*   Helps
stop engine run on & Cleans Fuel injectors  & cleans varnish scale from carburetor bowls and internal passages
*   Allows
higher compression ratios & increases throttle response
*   Provides
upper cylinder lubrication equal to lead
Preserves gasoline in fuel tank up to 16 months and longer

DAILY DRIVEN APPLICATION DIRECTIONS:  Add 1 ounce per gallon of gasoline periodically to help eliminate varnish build-up in carburetor and injection systems.Klotz Octane Booster has extra strength which makes it very effective & because of this it must be packaged in metal containers to maintain its strength.   

PERFORMANCE APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: One ounce per gallon will raise the octane 2.5 numbers. Octane can be raised 10 numbers or more if desired up to the chemical limitation of gasoline (116-118 octane), depending on what octane level you started with. Experiment by trial and error to find the most suitable combination.
WARNING: DO NOT mix with Nitromethane, a violent reaction or explosion will occur. However, this product CAN and is recommended to be used with the Klotz NITRO Propanol additive as shown above.

STORAGE APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Add one ounce per gallon to preserve gasoline from 6-8 months. Or two ounces per gallon for 12-16 months storage, or more.

OCTANE BOOST MIXING RECOMMENDATIONS  (Ounces of Klotz / Per gallon of Gasoline:
1 =    Raises octane number   +2.5 points. Keeps fuel system clean, stabilizes effects of oxygenated fuel, reduces varnish, stores fuel 6-8 months. Very little exhaust odor.
2 =    Raises octane number   +5.0 points. All of the above+, Stabilizes effects of Ethanol based "Gasohol", absorbs moisture in fuel, stores fuel 12-16 months. Slight racy odor.
3 *    Raises octane number   +7.5 points. All of the above+, Cleans varnish film from fuel system and carburetor passages, stores fuel 16-20 months. Notable racy odor.
4 =    Raises octane number +10.0 points. All of the above+, Cleans difficult varnish films and for high moisture absorption, stores fuel 20-24 months. Very notable racy odor.
5 =    Raises octane number +12.5 points. All of the above+, Super cleans injectors and carburetor passages, stores fuel 24+ months. Significant racy odor
6 =    Raises octane number +15.0 points. All of the above+, Cleans very dirty injectors and carburetor passages. Significant racy odor
7 =    Raises octane number +17.5 points. All of the above+, Cleans seriously dirty injectors and carburetor passages quickly. Significant racy odor
8+ =  You can add as much as needed and will not harm your engine. However, increased octane slows down the burn speed, and at some point will reduce power.

TECH TIP: KLOTZ OCTANE BOOSTER FOR OXYGENATED GAS:  Klotz Octane Booster is the perfect fix for the new government mandated oxygenated fuels in some states. These new clean burning fuels use Ethanol or MTBE (a form of alcohol/ether) and are putting racers and serious recreational users in a panic. High performance engines do not react favorably to these fuels because they tend to run lean. The chemical engineers at Klotz have the answer! Just add 1-2 ounces per gallon of gasoline to control the burn speed of the gas and absorb any moisture that the alcohol will draw. This simple solution will save you thousands in engine repairs and still allow you to run your machines on the edge!


Testimonial- Octane Booster

After my '01 (Mustang) upgrades I need to up fuel octane. One dyno session was called off because of detonation with tank of 93 / 87 octane mix. I then filled with straight 93. Still pinging. Filled with 93 and a can of NOS octane booster still detonation. I filled with 93 (approx 16 gallon tank) and 10oz of Klotz Octane boost. No detonation. In fact after some touch and goes, I was able to lay into it, and away I went. Thanks... for turning me on to Klotz...I ordered a gallon from the Cobra site... and just as quick as I got it, I added it to a tank, and got results. I like that, all things working together resulting in a more than satisfactory result. ...Based on my experiences of fuels, off the shelf octane boosters, and Klotz Octane Booster, I can say the tank I have nearly run dry with Klotz has not had a hint of detonation, where as every other tank started to ping away at close to 4,800 rpm. Hit 5,500 with the Klotz and had only the sound of motor and tires. Job well done to Klotz and thanks again... for the info and service. 
-Chris Hinckley

I am skeptical about fuel and oil additives but I decided to try the Klotz Octane Booster in my Roush 427R. I normally put Chevron 93 oct and Stabil in my tank. This time I added Klotz to my Chevron 93 tank at 1oz/gallon.  I immediately noticed how quick the engine fired up and crispness of the exhaust noise. The engine normally starts stumbling at 2000 RPM under load. Now that doesn't occur until 1800. There seems to be more engine response (torque?) in the 2000- 3000 RPM range that I normally run around town at. The exhaust smell is also different - not the sweet pungent smell. Conclusion - the extra 2-3 points of octane and what ever else is in Klotz has in it helped the driveability of my engine. I will continue to use the product.  I'm happy. 
-Ross Wilkinson, SPF, Seabrook, TX


Klotz FUEL LUBE is designed to provide a very thin but complete coverage of protective oil film for upper cylinder and fuel injection pump lubrication. Fuel Lube assures strong anti-wear film protection to valve guides and the constant pounding of valves and valve seats. FUEL LUBE increases power output by providing extra sealing qualities to fuel injection pump thereby maintaining constant fuel pressure stability throughout high and low RPM ranges - drastically reducing engine lean out. Keeps injectors clean & free of residue build up, eliminates abrasive dry engine starts, lets fuel line shut-off valves turn easier & prevents oxidation of cylinder walls, aluminum fuel lines & fittings.

Dyno and track tests indicate the following benefits.
*   Blends with alcohol gasoline, and nitromethane
*   Eliminates abrasive
dry engine starts
*   Provides
increased upper cylinder lubrication & reduces valve guide wear
*   Protects against
rust & corrosion & extends fuel injection pump life
*   Helps protect against the
corrosive effects of Ethanol blended gasoline's
*   Helps
prevent engine lean out & conditions entire fuel system

DIRECTIONS: For upper cylinder, fuel injection pump and complete system protection, mix approximately 1/4 to 1/2 ounce (maximum)  per gallon of fuel.   

Flash point: 555 degrees. ~