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All-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Extreme temperature and wear protection for automatic and manual transmissions, transfer cases, power steering and transaxles
recommending Dextron III, II or Mercon

*  Greater heat resistance
*  50% greater hi-temperature viscosity
the high-temperature evaporation
*  Keeps clutch faces & shift valves clean
*  Perfect automatic transaxle lubricant
*  Constant coefficient of friction for   
    perfect shifts
*  1/4 the oxidation of petroleum ATFs
*  Compatible with petroleums & synthetics
*  Also satisfies API 75w/80w GL-4 Gear Oil
*  Heavy towing applications / RV usage
*  Off Road trail riding / Racing
*  Extreme cold weather front and rear
    differential applications

RED LINE HIGH-TEMP ATF satisfies the requirements of most automatic transmissions, while providing 50% greater operating viscosity, 1/5 the evaporation of petroleum ATFs, and the wear protection of API GL-4 gear oils. This improved wear protection makes High-Temp ATF the perfect automatic transaxle or manual transmission fluid, since the GL-4 gear protection improves long-term durability. Red Line High-Temp ATF satisfies Dextron III, Dextron II-D, and II-E applications as required by General Motors, Chrysler, AMC, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, VW, Mazda, and many others. This fluid also satisfies Ford transmissions as well as other manufacturers which require a Mercon, Type CJ or Type H fluid.

Red Line High-Temp ATF can be used in power steering units which require a Dextron III, Dextron II, or Mercon fluid and also satisfy the heavy-Duty truck automatic transmission requirements of Allison C-3 and C-4, Caterpillar TO-2, Voith, and ZF. Red Line High-Temp ATF satisfies the hydraulic specifications of Denison HF-0, Vickers vane pumps, and Sundstrand piston pumps. Red Line ATF has much better thermal and oxidation resistance to petroleum ATFs and is capable of use at higher temperatures and will improve torque converter efficiency at high temperatures. Conventional ATFs break down at high temperatures, depositing varnish on the clutch faces and creating sludge, which plugs hydraulic shift valves. This increases the clutch slippage, which increases wear of the bands and clutches, reducing fuel economy and increasing the operating temperature of the transmission and can cause overflow through the filler tube. These higher temperatures eventually lead to catastrophic failure. For improved
low-temperature shiftability, use a different product, Red Line Synthetic ATF.  For racing automatics which require fast shifting as opposed to the smooth shifts provided by this product, Red Line makes an F-Type Synthetic Racing ATF.