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"...This is the best polish you'll ever use! It goes on smooth and easy, comes off quick and easy and leaves a shine like nothing else you've ever seen. One drop is like a thousand little gnomes working for you …"

Apply Exotic Metal™ polish with a cloth directly to the metal surface creating a "liquid soup" effect and then  simply wipe off any remaining polish with a dry towel and buff to a high lustre. Exotic Metal™ goes on easy and comes off even easier!

Exotic Metal™ to polish and protect any bare or plated metal made of  Brass, Copper,  Silver,  Nickel,  Chrome,  Aluminum,  Magnesium, Stainless Steel and more!

Safe for polishing
Ceramic Coat exhaust & intakes! Excellent for producing an amazing shine & gloss that results in a near Chrome-like appearance on silver  Ceramic Coat.

Exotic Metal
™ removes oxidation and even dissolves rust stains, scale and discolorment on chrome!


Exotic Metal™ Polish & Protectant  8 fl. oz.


Exotic Metal™ Polish & Protectant 16 fl. oz.


the Most Amazing Polish we've ever used!

Just a little dab goes a long ways!

Just how good is Exotic Metal? Here's something you can try... Take an old, tarnished penny. Place ONE DROP of Exotic Metal™ Polish on one side. Vigorously rub the penny between your FINGERS for 30 seconds. Then wipe clean with a cloth. You won't believe your eyes!    (see below…)

Aluminum rim left unprotected and unpolished for over a year. Oxidation and corrosion has ravaged the surface. This rim has no dirt on it and was just washed. This is all corrosion damage...

Applying only a dime sized drop of Exotic Metal™ Polish and less than 1 minute of light rubbing, this is the result! All oxidation, corrosion, scuffs and scratches are REMOVED! Just a beautiful super slick shine remains along with an invisible protective coating which reduces future oxidation and needless maintenance.

Nothing works or lasts
like Exotic Metal polish!

Just how Safe is Exotic Metal? When we test, we take it to the limit! So we tried Exotic Metal Polish on a Genuine $25,000 Rolex Presidential 18k Solid Gold Swiss made watch...

Another aluminum rim after applying one of the best polishing products on the market. Exactly 10 strokes exerting 1 pound of pressure (light) with a clean cloth was used with an amount of compound the diameter of a quarter. This allowed the polishing compound itself to do all the work and not the cloth or the pressure being applied. While it removed some of the oxidation, there is a lot of work left to do.

This is the results after applying the exact same amount of the Exotic Metal™ Polish using the same light pressure, the same 10 strokes and the same type of cloth. While the surface still is not completely shined to it's maximum brilliance, the job is nearly done and the results are already looking pretty darn good! You can easily see that maximum results can be achieved much quicker and with less effort than one of the "other" best polishes on the market!

Take advantage of the tips and hints section to bring out the most in your Exotic Metal Polish!

The $35,000.00 Legendary Rolex Presidential hand made watch in the upper photo shows the 18k solid gold base showing it's age with micro-scratches greatly detracting otherwise luxurious appearance. While you could take it to a specialty hi-end Jeweler for and expensive and lengthy reconditioning, there's no need when you have Exotic Metal Polish on hand! That's right, one little dab and a light tough brings back the beautiful gleaming lustre of this elegant time piece in just minutes, as it if were never worn! If Exotic Metal Polish is safe for an exotic Rolex, it's more than "ok" for anything else!

But, just how fast and good does Exotic Metal™ polish really work? Try this...