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Pro-Blend Chemical Descriptions

9012 Diesel Cool: 11.5 oz. bottle- Reduces engine oil temperature up to 57 degrees at the bearing. Cools turbocharger up to 25 degrees. Cools radiator coolant up to 7 degrees. Attracts engine oil to the hot metallic surfaces to increase lubrication and heat transfer. Reduces engine noise and reduces oil foaming. Significantly improves cold weather starting. Dramatically decreases wear and reduces friction. Use in Turbo or normally aspirated Diesel engines only.   

4012 Automatic Transmission Treatment: 11.5 oz. bottle- This product reduces automatic transmission fluid temperature up to 57 degrees, which can triple transmission life. Stops burning ATF with trans brakes and high stall converters before the fluid reaches the cooler. Reduces wear and clutch slippage. Prevents fluid foaming. Lowers coolant temperature in the radiator as a result, when a heat exchanger is used. Use in Automatic transmissions, or anything that uses ATF fluid.   

4032 Forty Below: 30 oz. bottle- Reduces coolant temperatures up to 40 degrees and prevents temperature from rising excessively while under heavy loads. Provides overheating protection by increasing the heat transfer rate between the coolant liquid and metal, thus requiring ample means of carrying the increased radiant heat away from the radiator. Assists cooling even when radiator is clogged or partially blocked from direct airflow.

4500 Power Steering Lube: 4 oz. bottle- When added to the power steering fluid system, up to 28 degree cooling can be seen, while tripling the pump life, and decreases rack and pinion wear.

GREASE AND LUBRICANTS  1450 = $14.95       4040 = $12.95
1450 "SFG" Grease: 14.5 oz. tube- This multi-purpose, Super Extreme Pressure grease is water resistant and prevents corrosion in fresh and salt water. Outstanding performance in high temperatures and under super severe loads in extreme operating conditions.
4040 Pro-Tuff Assembly Lube: 4 oz. bottle- Holds oil onto hot metals. Eliminates galling, metal transfer and oil starvation during initial break-in. Superior camshaft and lifter break-in protection. Adheres to metallic surfaces and will not run off. Also excellent for drilling and tapping… even on hardened chromed surfaces! Can use as a supplement to other specific Pro-Blend oil additives and greases.

Other Chemical Descriptions
RADIATOR COOLANT ADDITIVES  C21-24 = $8.95    C10-12 = $4.95    35500 = $21.95    80204 = $9.95
C21-24 Super Radiator Flush (by Radiator Specialty): 22 oz. can- Cleans rust, scale and solder deposits in the entire cooling system for maximum cooling. For optimum results, use prior to applying either Pro-Blend's 40-Below or Moroso's Ceramic Seal product.
C10-12 Water Pump Lube (by Radiator Specialty):
11 oz. can- Provides anti-rust protection and lubricates the water pump with or without anti-freeze. Neutralizes acids and prevents coolant foaming. Required if not using any kind of anti-freeze or rust preventative.
35500 Ceramic Seal (by Moroso):  16 oz. bottle- Besides being capable of sealing minor cracks, this product leaves behind a smooth ceramic surface which has the ability to improve heat transfer within the cooling system. Before conditioning engine with Ceramic Seal, a thorough chemical flush is recommended for maximum results. (Use pt# 35520 for treating during cold weather)
80204 Water Wetter (by Red-Line): 12 oz. bottle- Marginally improves the ability of coolant to transfer heat by breaking down the surface tension of the water, to reduce coolant "beading" on the inside of the coolant passages. Do not mix with Pro-Blend's 40 Below.