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1. Does not change visual surface appearance
2. Does not alter original color, depth or shine
3. Crystal clear invisible transparency
4. For polished, brushed or raw metals
5. 1 year or more shelf life
6. 2 years or more life once applied & in service
7. Made for polished, decorative and show purposes

"This is what automotive enthusiasts have been waiting for all their lives!"
We've been a ZoopSeal dealer since the beginning. Shineseal is the next level of that product. New, improved, stronger, longer and better than ever!

Seal and Protect your precious wheels for less than $5.00 a rim! Never have to re-polish them again for up to 2 years and more! Don't put it off any longer… Get Shined and Sealed! Protect all your bare, brushed or polished steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and chrome parts from oxidation and eliminate the need for repeat polishing and extensive cleaning for up to 2 years and more! A single full kit covers up to 80 square feet of surface area! That's the equivalent of about 28 deep dish wheels. Easy to apply instructions provided in each kit. Formulated for use on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, engines, wheels and interior accessories… anything that you want to protect!







Slick Finish refill only (16oz)
(Fine Polish and for protecting sealed metal)


Cleaner refill only (4oz)
(For cleaning prior to sealing metal)


When applied properly ShineSeal™ ...

...Eliminates any and all dulling and oxidation, PERIOD!
...Does away with the need for any polishing or rubbing!
  ...Cleans up easily and resists fingerprints and repels water!
   ...Retains all the brightness and luster of the original surface!
    ...Will last up to 2 years or more of polish-free beauty!
     ...works on alum, brass, copper stainless steel & chrome!
      ...Will work on bare, brushed or mirror polished surfaces!
       ...Is safe and easy to apply and environmentally friendly
        ...Eliminates undesirable chipping, peeling or yellowing
           of powder coating, clear coating or clear paint

ShineSeal™ comes to you in a complete handy kit form including detailed and simple to follow detailed instructions. For detailed hints and tips for applying and caring for ShineSeal, refer to the various sections of this website for more information.


SHINESEAL KIT- Complete metal prep/polish/cleaner/sealer/finish kit from start to finish. Everything you need is proportioned perfectly ready to apply.

- A hybrid ceramic sealer that is not a polish or a wax, but produces a unique chemical reaction that enters pores and pushes contaminants to the surface which seals the underlying surface with a hard invisible shield from direct exposure to the elements, atmosphere and oxidation.

SLICK FINISH- Ultra High Quality pure Carnauba based wax blended with very exotic proprietary chemicals to be applied over the metal sealer for the ultimate in long term surface protection and occasional maintenance against fingerprints, water spotting and clouding. Slick finish leaves the surface very slick slippery and ultra shiny, leaving surfaces very easy to clean. Use on other metals and even paint as well.

BIO CLEAN- Highly concentrated to pre-clean metal prior to sealing. PH Neutral balanced able to be used on just about any surface in the shop or household without the worry to remove finishes and paint. Excellent on carpeting too. Environmentally friendly.

BRITE SHINE METAL POLISH- Very easy to use, non-abrasive removes oxidation and minor scratches leaving metal super-bright with very little effort before sealing. Use on other metals as well.

the Ultimate ShineSeal Test!

I suppose we could have shown the excellent results obtained with ShineSeal on wheels, valve covers, tool boxes, bumpers, you name it… but that wouldn't have really shown the power and performance that ShineSeal is capable of.

Dan of Richmond. Indiana sends us what one could certainly consider the "ultimate" test of all tests. Dan took his valuable one of a kind bare aluminum bodied Shelby Cobra, and rather than paint it and cover up all that workmanship, he decided to ShineSeal the raw aluminum of the
entire car!!!!

Dan writes… "These pictures were taken after the ShineSeal application. The product did what it promised and I applied a good coat of finishing wax after the ShineSeal cured... The most important aspect of the application is to apply it sparingly which is almost anti-American, but after several test applications in various spots, their directions are indeed accurate. Retouching after the initial application, at least on the body, layered the seal which was noticeable and required minor compounding to achieve uniformity but on smaller areas, it was not noticeable. It was nice to wash the alloy body after the application because it eliminated the black hand residue. Bugs, road tar and grime easily washed off quite similar to well cured fiberglass finishes."

Use ShineSeal to beautify & maintain...

*  Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUV's
*  Motorcycles & Snowmobiles
*  ATV's & Dirt bikes
*  Semi tractor & trailers

*  Fire Trucks & Equipment
*  Motorhomes & trailers
*  Marine and Farming
*  Aircraft & Aerospace

*  Outside Ornamentation
*  Military & Medical facilities
*  Casinos & Restaurants
*  Business & Store displays

Use ShineSeal to seal & protect
  Bare, Natural, Brushed or Polished- Steel, Stainless Steel,
    Brass, Copper, Aluminum or Chromed...

*  Rims & Wheels
*  Firewalls
*  Roll bars and cages
*  Bumpers and grill guards
*  Aluminum cylinder heads
*  Aluminum blocks
*  Aluminum intake manifolds
*  Valve covers

*  Expansion tanks
*  Pulleys
*  Alternators
*  Air cleaners
*  Carbs & injection sys.
*  Distributors
*  Valve cover breathers
*  Water necks

*  Water pumps
*  Radiators
*  Suspension components
*  Differential covers
*  Transmission pans
*  Oil pans

*  Also works excellent on otherwise difficult to keep diamond tread plate aluminum tool
   boxes, trailer decks, stone guards, tail gate protectors, bed caps, etc… Never polish
   AGAIN! And don't forget to protect hard to reach underbody parts, typically neglected
   trailer trim as well as high up roll bars and lights that never seem to get the periodical
   attention they need.

Cool Tip 1: Bare Metal! Take a regular steel part like an alternator bracket, etc… sand it smooth and polish it on a buffer to a gleaming mirror finish. Now, rather than sending it out for a time consuming and expensive chrome job, just seal it with ShineSeal™, and it will have the "color" of a polished Stainless Steel part with the reflectance of chrome, at a fraction of the cost right in your garage within a few minutes of time! Here are just some examples of a few stock items you can turn into inexpensive works of art for just pennies…

*  Steel or aluminum pulleys
*  Steel or aluminum alternator, power steering A/C, clutch,
    and throttle brackets
*  Miscellaneous brackets, mounts and plates
      …and much, much more!

Cool Tip 2: Raw Radiators! Brass and copper radiators can be a diamond in the rough covered and hidden by that drab black radiator paint. Remove the paint and see what you have. With a scuff pad, #0000 steel wool and some metal polish you can have a gleaming gold piece of artwork in minutes. However, since copper and brass tarnish easily, it turns darker and less brilliant before too long. But wait! With ShineSeal™ to the rescue, you can seal in that beautiful finish with no loss in the brilliance, color or appearance! Make a $10 radiator look like a $500 work of art! Don't forget you can do the same with aluminum radiators as well!