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Stuck wheel spinners and wheels can mean costly removal techniques possibly resulting in serious damage to the spinner and/or wheel itself. Many anti-seize products out there are messy, wash away and are abrasive in nature resulting in prematurely wearing mating surfaces as well as increasing added resistance during removal, making spinners harder than necessary to remove, even though they may not have been installed as tight.

Spinner-Eaze© provides both superior anti seizure protection while supplying maximum controlled anti-galling properties to allow both easy installation and removal of any fastener, even with dissimilar metals and especially aluminum or stainless spinners on aluminum wheels.

non-abrasive anti-seize properties of Spinner-Eaze© viscous liquid stays put where you apply it, and allows proper torquing of fasteners without suspended abrasives wearing against the machined metal surfaces like so many other anti-seize products do.

Spinner-Eaze© to spinner mating surfaces, threads and wheel pins for lasting protection, and the Spinner-Eaze© liquid actually penetrates the metallic surfaces and can be wiped off while still retaining all of it's anti-seize protection properties remain behind for a super clean installation with virtually no mess or waste. Just a drop or two goes a long, long ways.

Spinner-Eaze© is not meant to be a wear lubricant on other moving parts and does not change the spinner's ability to stay tight under normal operating conditions. It is a liquid, non-abrasive anti-seize.

Spinner-Eaze© provides superior protection against corrosion and galling and is water resistant and does not wash off. Excellent for use in gasoline, alcohol, dirt, sand and gritty environments. Defies contact of similar or dissimilar metallic contact. Unaffected by heat, moisture or salt water. 


Spinner-Eaze  Anti-Seize
Liquid - 4 ounce can
This will likely be the last anti-seize you will ever need to buy!

NEW! Easy to use
application Brush built into the lid!

*  Intended to be the absolute best anti
    corrosion preventative and protectant
    specifically for wheels, spinners, drive
    pins and lug nuts- period!
*  Contains
NO abrasives - NO silicones
Eliminates wear on spinners and wheels
Does Not cause spinners to loosen by
Will not wash off w/ water or road debris
*  Sticks like glue &
stays where you put it
No messy cleanup or stained clothes
Lasts for years without re-application

Significantly better than other products containing Copper, Moly or Teflon!
Excellent on header bolts, and any other surface which requires an anti-seize protection

NEW! Easy to use
application Brush built into the lid!


Think of Spinner Eaze like you would for Wood Stain. If you stain wood, even a drop will get deep into the wood and will stay there no matter how hard you try to wipe it off. But if you pour the entire can over it, only so much will absorb into the wood and you have to wipe away the excess in waste.

Metal is not as porous as wood, so only a few dabs is enough to get into the pours of the metal… and stay there
! Wipe the rest off if you like since the excess on the surface is not going to help you any more than what's in the metal itself anyway. No mess!

As the metal surface wears off during normal subsequent installation and removals, the "tips" of the metal pores will eventually wear down into the "valleys" where the Spinner Eaze is residing and eventually another application will be needed to continue protection for many more cycles in the future before needing it again.