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Many manual transmissions do not always shift as smooth and as sure as they could. Our Ultimate Transmission Treatment is specifically intended for high performance manual transmissions, and fortifies and enhances your lubricant, resulting in cooler operation by attracting more lubricant to the hot surfaces. This in return creates smoother shifts, quieter operation, cooler transmission temperatures more precise alignment of the synchros and gears resulting in minimized gate resistance which otherwise leads to missed shifts. The typical "notchiness" and the feel of having to "click" the transmission into the next gear is greatly reduced which means quicker and more consistent shifting, greatly improving drivability and overall performance of your vehicle.

Ultimate Transmission Treatment™ creates invisible "microscopic bubbles" (not to be confused with foaming) that cushions the loads transferred from gear surface to gear surface, as well as chemically attracting oil to the hot surfaces to keep them lubricated at all times and transfer heat. The unique chemical bond keeps the lubricant where it's supposed to be at all times. Contains no Teflon or Moly! It's not needed or desired.

Ultimate Transmission Treatment™ is available for either Gear Oil based fluids, or A.T.F. (Automatic Transmission Fluid) based fluids. This product is extremely concentrated, thus only 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per quart of fluid is needed for notable results. For extreme applications requiring maximum improvement, 3.0 ounces per quart can be used (not in differential clutched applications such as transaxles). This product is so effective that adding more than this prescribed amount may make the fluid "too slippery" thus reducing it's intentional effectiveness. Specific application recommendations are printed on each bottle for each individual application.

It is most easily added by adding the appropriate amount to the desired volume and pre-mixing it before filling the transmission, and keeping the remaining mix for refilling or adding later if necessary.

Excellent for use in any manual transmission

Effective for both Mineral & Synthetic fluids.


ULTIMATE Transmission
Treatment -
Gear Oil Based Fluids
7.75 ounce bottle (treats 5 quarts @ 1.5 oz per quart)
                                (treats 2.5 quarts @ 3.0 oz per quart)


ULTIMATE Transmission
Treatment -
for A.T.F. Based Fluids
11.5 ounce bottle (treats 6 quarts @ 2.0 oz per quart)
                                (treats 4 quarts @ 3.0 oz per quart)

*  Intended to be the absolute best additive for High
    Performance & other manual transmissions-period

*  Excellent for both
Mineral or Synthetic fluids

*  Separate products for
Gear Oil or A.T.F. fluids

Absorbs pressure & shock loading

Reduces Heat, Noise, Wear & Grinding

Withstands extreme Heat and severe conditions

Improves Shifting, Cooling & longevity

Concentrated formula only requires a small amount
    per application.

Safe for all transmission bearings, bushings, gears,
    synchros & seals


Don Wareham, Cobra replica, 460 Ford, Tremec TKO and adding the Ultimate Transmission Additive…
*  Initial Observation:  I did notice an immediate improved shift. Felt silkier and a bit more solid.
Normal street traffic:  It seems a bit smoother than before.
Mildly aggressive driving:  Really smooth and no crunch between 3-4 gears.
Really aggressive:  About 75-80% of the 3-4 gear crunch was eliminated. Not totally, but a lot better…

Craig Aylsworth, Cobra replica, 514 Ford, Tremec TKO…
*  With a fast, 5500-6500 rpm shift and using Valvoline ATF, I could not get into 2nd, 3rd or 4th
*  With BG SyncroshiftII I got into 2nd ok, but had a 3rd & 4th crunch
*  Adding the
Ultimate Transmission Treatment, I only get a minor crunch with 3rd and 4th
*  I may never get rid of the crunch entirely without a  replacing the syncros and blocking rings because of
damage done with the Valvoline.