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1. Slight change in visual appearance & depth
2. Slight darker color and wetter appearance
3. Transparent finish make flat/satin surfaces glossy
4. For brushed, machined or bare metal surfaces
5. 9 months shelf life. Use right away.
6. Over 2 years of life after applied & in service
7. Not intended for show or polished surfaces
8. Intended to be used in larger quantities & quickly

"This is a super heavy duty commercial metal sealer for non-polished surfaces. From the makers of ShineSeal
(formerly ZoopSeal), this is some serious sh_t!"

Seal and Protect bare metal surfaces to make clean up and maintenance significantly easier. Protect all your bare, brushed or polished steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and chrome parts from oxidation and eliminate the need for repeat polishing and extensive cleaning for up to 2 years and more! Dries faster and results in a harder, slightly thicker surface than the ShineSeal™ product.

Formulated for use on industrial equipment, food service industry and the medical field. It also works excellent on bare metal bar tops, barbeques, stoves and more. Withstands up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit heat.





Cleaner only (4oz)
(For cleaning prior to sealing metal)


Slick Finish addition only (16oz)
(Fine Polish and for protecting sealed metal)

* NOTE:  The TuffSeel Metal sealer can be custom mixed in the exact quantities needed. Calculate 1 ounce for each 15 square feet of coverage required. All TuffSeel products are on a custom ordered basis with a minimum wait and shipping time/cost. Contact us for prices.

When applied properly TuffSeel™ ...

...Eliminates any and all dulling and oxidation, PERIOD!
...Does away with the need for any polishing or rubbing!
  ...Cleans up easily, resists fingerprints & repels water!
   ...Enhances the luster of the original rough surface!
    ...Will last up to 2 years or more of polish-free beauty!
     ...works on alum, brass, copper stainless & chrome!
      ...Will work on bare, brushed or machined surfaces!
       ...Is safe & easy to apply & environmentally friendly
        ...TuffSeel Eliminates chipping, peeling or yellowing common
            with powder coating, clear coating or clear paint

TuffSeel™ comes to you in a complete handy kit form including detailed and simple to follow detailed instructions. For detailed hints and tips for applying and caring for TuffSeel, refer to the various sections of this website for more information.


TUFFSEEL METAL SEALER- A hybrid ceramic sealer that is not a polish or a wax, but produces a unique chemical reaction that enters pores and pushes contaminants to the surface which seals the underlying surface with a hard transparent shield from direct exposure to the elements, atmosphere and oxidation.

SLICK FINISH- Ultra High Quality pure Carnauba based wax blended with very exotic proprietary chemicals to be applied over the metal sealer for the ultimate in long term surface protection and occasional maintenance against fingerprints, water spotting and clouding. Slick finish leaves the surface very slick slippery and ultra shiny, leaving surfaces very easy to clean. Use on other metals and even paint as well.

BIO CLEAN- Highly concentrated to pre-clean metal prior to sealing. PH Neutral balanced able to be used on just about any surface in the shop or household without the worry to remove finishes and paint. Excellent on carpeting too. Environmentally friendly.

BRITE SHINE METAL POLISH- Very easy to use, non-abrasive removes oxidation and minor scratches leaving metal super-bright with very little effort before sealing. Use on other metals as well.

Use TuffSeel to protect...

*  Commercial & Industrial
*  Machinery & Equipment
*  Construction equipment
*  Manufacturing & Tooling
*  Marine, Aircraft Aerospace
*  Military & Medical facilities
*  Business & Store displays

*  Casinos & Restaurants
*  Museum & Public areas
*  Veterinarian & Kennels
*  Butcher shop / Markets
*  Tractors & Farm Equip.
*  Fire Trucks & Equip.
*  Factories Shops

Use TuffSeel to seal & maintain... Bare, Natural, Brushed or Machined- Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum or Chromed...

*  Resist salt corrosion
*  Resist wing icing
*  Resist fingerprints
*  Resist smudges
*  Repels water & dirt
*  Bare metal counter tops
*  Railings & Door handles
*  Displays & Kiosks
*  Slot /change machines
*  ATM's

*  Machine controls
*  Boat pontoons
*  Propellers
*  Brass fixture & railings
*  Rough cast wheels
*  Rough cast diff covers
*  Machined susp. parts
*  Aluminum trailers
*  Snowmobile hulls
*  Protect tools from corrosion

*  Protect equipment & tables
*  Prevent drill presses from 
   corrosion in damp garages
*  Vises, Presses, Clamps
*  Exposed cables and hooks
*  Exposed gun components
*  Stainless range hoods
*  Vent fans and grill hoods
*  Stainless home appliances