Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these licensed 3 Dimensional 3/16" thick engraved artworks are so unique you'll have everyone asking "where did you get that from?" And if they do, we'd love to have to sell them for us!

The sign material is acrylic plastic with a special neon glow edge that transforms ambient into a glowing colored edge! This licensed sign artwork is just right for that cozy den, in the garage, or in the trailer. Excellent for displaying at shows as well. The possibilities are endless.

  *  Please allow 4-6 weeks for production allowance.
**  Custom sizes and color available upon special order

The profile of the smooth flowing lines of this timeless shape is painfully represented in exact detail and accuracy while being three dimensionally engraved into this special transparent plate where the edges glow like a neon sign under just normal lighting

The frosted etched appearance of deep engraving presents a classy and expensive look to enhance any atmosphere it's displayed in. The thickness of the plate give the sense of three dimensional and spatial presence that a flat sign simply can not provide.

This blue plate shows off the near neon-like glow the edges produce even when only ordinary room like is present. It's like having a lighted neon sign without the wires! or bulbs, or anything... you will have people mesmerized by it's apparent magic

Notice the rich depth of exacting detail engraved right into the thick plastic plate. The smooth clean machining lines are a result of hours upon hours of painstaking programming and layout design. You won't see anything quite like this silent Roadster.