Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, Choose from these high quality, precision timepieces which memorialize the awesome V8 for all time!

The Neon Blue edition
One of a kind modern Timepiece with an 9" clock face surrounded by a soft, vibrant blue hue of neon color lit up brilliantly in glowing radiance visible both day and night. A three dimensional mirror chrome ring borders this elegant work of art. Behind the chiseled clock hands is a ready and able Ford V8 powered sports car. The unique time indicator numerals resemble speedometer numbers. A glass face keeps your clock presentable at all times and is easy to clean and maintain. Ultra-high quality timepiece features moving second hand. Includes 110 volt transformer for the neon lamp
                                                                                PRICE: $139.95

The Red edition
A fabulously designed Custom Timepiece with a 7" clock face surrounded by a solid ring of red. The clock face depicts the V8 powered sports car bearing down on the viewer. The unique time indicator numerals resemble speedometer vintage numbers. Ultra-high quality timepiece features a moving second hand. High quality color graphics printed on coated glossy photographic paper.

PRICE: $29.95

Feature YOUR Car on any of these clocks! Just send us a high quality photo or 2mb .BMP scanned image.

PRICE: +$25.00 (added to any of the above clock prices.)