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  1)  Choose your location carefully. Smooth paint or glass is best. If applying on a windshield,
        insure decal will not interfere with the wiper blade path
  2)  Clean the application area well, removing any oil, grease, tar, dirt, wax or polish. The
        surface should be dry and room temperature
above 70 degrees
  3)  After cleaning, rubbing Alcohol is the best prep before the final application. This will the
        adhesive to work the best. Allow to dry before proceeding
4)  Mark the proposed location where you intend to apply your decal and "frame" it with a
masking tape border. Make sure it's aligned evenly and level
  5)  Peel back one corner of the decal's backing, exposing about a 1" x 1" triangle. Fold the
        cardboard backing tightly against itself so the adhesive is bare
  6)  Take the rest of the decal with the backing still on, and line it up against the masking tape
you previously laid out
  7)  While still holding the rest of the decal up against the border, press the exposed adhesive
        decal onto the surface
  8)  Remove remaining backing and work decal from one side to the other. Try not to get
        bubbles trapped under the decal by laying down too much at once
  9)  Use a squeegee or credit card to rub bubbles out while applying decal. Leave masking over
        decal as you work out any bubbles as it protects the decal
10)  Allow decal to remain on surface for at least 5 minutes before removing mask. The longer,
        the better it sticks. Squeegeeing during this time is beneficial
11)  Now carefully pull the masking liner back to expose the adhered decal. Pull back with the
        mask almost parallel to the surface to keep vinyl from pulling
12)  If the decal begins to remove with the liner, carefully lay the liner back down, rub the decal
        on, and pull back the liner again
13)  After the masking liner has been removed, gently press your thumb against the letters to
        insure edges are sealed to the surface


A)  If air bubbles are present under vinyl *carefully* use a soft squeegee & drag over the surface
      to pull and work the bubble to the edge and out.
B)  Sometimes smaller bubbles can be "pressed" down with your thumb on a daily basis,
      eventually allowing air to permeate through the vinyl over a period of time leaving only a void
      to be pressed down after the air has leaked out. Sunlight and several weeks can accomplish
      this if the above methods do not work. 
C)  If larger bubbles still remain, use a fine sewing needle to poke a clean, small hole at the "base"
      of the bubble. Use a smooth round ink pen or wooden dowel to
roll over the bubble from the
      opposite side of the poked hole towards it forcing the air out from the bubble and flattening it


D)  If you wish to remove the decal, gently heat it with a hair drier being careful not to over heat
      the paint, and slowly pull the decal off like soft taffy gauranteeing no damage to the paint

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