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Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these unique decals adhere directly to your headlamps giving your car that recognizable racing appearance. Made from Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl these are precision cut decals and not the silk screened or printed style that wear or wash out!

The taped headlights are reminiscent of the vintage racers who were required to tape their headlamps to prevent glass from hitting the track if broken. Typically black electrical tape was used for taping lamps, however the soft tape would melt on from the heat of the light causing extreme difficulty in removal and creating a sticky residue to be left behind. The typically wide tape also restricts visibility due to the limited light passing by the tape.

The Cobra Valley
Headlamp Stripes have been carefully engineered with a significantly thinner width of stripe to allow maximum light passage but at the same time provide that vintage racing appearance so desirably sought after. The Cobra Valley Headlamp Stripes incorporate a high heat material and the easy removal adhesive provides a secure, sure fit yet comes off when needed. These decals are easily applied in one piece and fit up to 7" round lamps.

This simple yet identifiable accent will let those know seeing the business end of your car that this is no street queen, without uttering a word.


Other sizes available for different applications

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