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Many custom and collector cars are easily recognized and identified by their factory build sequence number, commonly referred to as the chassis or serial number. Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these eye catching decals tastefully make your car's place in history recognizable by other enthusiasts. The type set is a bold, chiseled font providing an elegant engraved appearance. The material resembles the stunning sheen of expensive brushed aluminum with a protective Mylar clearcoat covering it for long lasting beauty. Made from Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl these are precision cut decals and not the silk screened or printed style that wear or wash out and will not hurt your paint!

Proudly display your car's place in history by placing this decal on the driver's side of the front nose of the car or on the bumper.
For the Cobra's nose we have ingeniously contoured the shape of the decal to follow the body contour of the nose for a truly custom look. If you wish an even more discreet location, apply the decal to the inside of the door or even on the lower door sill so it is visible only when the door is ajar. For these and bumper applications use the straight shaped decal for best appearance.

HINT: If the brushed aluminum look is too noticeable for you, try matching the color of your stripe, or choose a subtle color in respect to the base paint such as "red on black" or "medium blue on dark blue"

- Car Identification Numbers -

Use the Contoured version
for Cobra Nose shapes

(1)  Please specify characters to be printed
(2)  Add $5.00 for up to 7-10 characters 6-7" long

Brushed Aluminum
Shown Below...

Black contoured lettering shown in it's flat form before placed on the car where it flows perfectly with the shape of the nose when applied to the car.