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Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these licensed decal artworks are perfect for all avenues of display, of all sizes and colors. Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl, is a precision cut decal, not the silk screened or printed style that wear or wash out and will not hurt your paint!

The look of an all out racing machine is symbolized by two things… it's recognizable design and competition labeling… car numbers! These symbolic gestures will undoubtedly instill fear into the competition when they see you professionally prepped car roll onto the starting grid, or even into the drive-in. The 'permanent' version will allow easy removal if desired, but can not be reused. The reusable version can be removed and reinstalled, but can come off at high speeds and does not lay and look as nice once installed.

The permanent version Ultra-High quality decals are easy to apply, adhere up to speeds exceeding 300 mph, and remove just as easily will a little warmth from a heat lamp. "Cut-out" versions allow the paint of the surface to show through the cut out numbered area, while the "Solid" version includes a second color vinyl applied to the background circle over the top.

The removable white backing version allows multiple installation and removals between usages. When not in use, apply to a clear sheet of plexiglass for storage.
Don't settle for the cheap static cling types that collect dirt, fall off and become impossible to apply after a while. These have a reusable adhesive much like a "Post-It® Note" has and does not rely just on "static cling" alone!

Car Numbers - Sold per circle, each

Add $10 for specialty vinyl numbers   ~   Add $15 for specialty vinyl background

(a) = Original vintage sized
(b) = Best looking size
(c) = Satisfies most race rules
(d) = Not recommended for
         reusable vinyl
(e) = Color vinyl over white base
         vinyl- twice as thick and strong!

Shown right in 16"
Diameter with White
background  and
Black Metallic
Sparkle numbers

Shown left in 16" Diameter with Black background and
Holographic "Bare Metal" numbers

Our Premium 7 year vinyl is a non-reusable material that is intended to adhere firmly for many, many years. However, if you wish to remove the decal, the premium material is extremely resistant to tearing and usually pulls off smoothly and slowly all in one single piece. Heat from the sun or hair dryer facilitates easy removal and will not harm normally cured paint.