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Burnout-Trax™ decals really put the "show" in the word Car show! Lay these beauties down behind your car and the show officials will be over there ready to b!tc# up a storm, until they see they're really only decals, and you'd better point it out to them or they may not catch it right away! 

The matte black finish of the tough vinyl reflects the realism of the
Burnout-Trax™  as an actual set of tire tracks burned into the pavement! The decal is void of any tire tread siping so it looks like the tires was spinning on contact.

You can either adhere them onto the surface you wish to adorn with the
Burnout-Trax™, or for repeated and mobile use, stick the decals onto a thin piece of aluminum, steel or better yet, clear plastic sheet and simply set the sheet behind the tires at shows and displays. This allows you to even set them on the lawn!

These decal artworks are perfect for all avenues of display, of all sizes and colors. Ultra-High quality
7 year vinyl, is a precision cut decal, not the silk screened or printed style that wear or wash out in rain or even harsh weather! Can be stepped on and swept over without peeling, tearing or scuffing.

- Burnout Trax Decals -

Custom widths and lengths available by special order

Use all these places…
-  At car shows and displays
    -  Inside your Trailer floor
        -  Up the outside trailer door
            -  On your Garage floor
                -  Up your garage door
                    -  On your Cabinets
             … And more!