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Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these eye catching decals are boldly emblazoned for all occupants to see upon entry or whenever your door is ajar. Made from Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl these are precision cut decals and not the cheap looking clear vinyl silk screened or ink printed style that wear and wash out & peel off and will not hurt your paint! The super thin 2 mil decals feel and look more like paint than a decal, and stay on like paint!

Replace your original worn and scuffed decals or add a special flair with these snappy statements that nicely accent your door entry way.

"Solid Flamed" shown above in Red Fire Sparkle Mist

"Filled Stencil" shown above in Red Fire Sparkle Mist

- Door Sill Decals -

May we Suggest...
Select the color of your decal the same as your car's racing stripe. Also, Mirror Chrome or Mirror Gold lends a very classy look to your entry statement


Solid Bold

Filled Bold

Solid Stencil

Solid Flamed

Solid Bold

Solid Dripping

Solid Bold Italic

Solid Speeding

Custom Signature

Custom - Your design