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Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these licensed decal artworks are perfect for all avenues of display, of all sizes and colors. Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl, is a precision cut decal, not the silk screened or printed style that wear or wash out and will not hurt your paint!

Team stripes were used to indicate various drivers in a common team using common colored cars. The different colored stripes told the crew who was who on the track. This unique accent works wonderfully well on Cobra's, and while the original colors were standard yellow and orange, you can add your own flair to this vintage art. Easy to apply sheet transfers either one or both stripes at the same time so it is easier to handle and is easier to line up and conform to the multi-level contour of the Cobra front fender. Excess vinyl is included to allow the edges to fold over and be hidden under the fender and under the hood in the engine compartment.

Other sizes available for different applications

- Team Stripes -

Shown above in Mirror Chrome

Shown to the left in Medium Blue Metallic

Our Premium 7 year vinyl is a non-reusable material that is intended to adhere firmly for many, many years. However, if you wish to remove the decal, the premium material is extremely resistant to tearing and usually pulls off smoothly and slowly all in one single piece. Heat from the sun or hair dryer facilitates easy removal and will not harm normally cured paint.