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This discrete, compact little device is actually an incredibly powerful completely isolated self contained voltage regulator! This little box eliminates the need for your entire electrical charging system and existing wiring. No external regulator needed!

Just mount this piggy back electronic regulator right on the back of your alternator and simply connect the main cable from the battery to the alternator. That's it! Nothing more is required. You're ready to rock!

The onboard regulator self energizes itself under rotation of the alternator and begins feeding clean, precise regulated power from your alternator, up to 110 amps output. No internal alternator modifications are required.

Clean up under your hood and the engine compartment by eliminating al those unsightly wires and external regulators!


1 Wire Alternator
Regulator Converter

Converter shown mounted on the back of a standard typical Ford Style small case alternator...

Quarter not included!

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1-Wire Alternators