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Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these hand crafted clear translucent polymer air cleaner tops are an attractive attention getter to any engine compartment, and can be used on a daily basis. The functional top also eliminate any possibility of the sun reflecting off the top and burning the hood, like so many chrome tops do.

The space-age ultra tough polymer material resists engine fuels and normal engine heat and withstands normal engine operation while being scratch resistant and easy to clean with just a soft cloth.

The machine beveled edges are polished to a high sheen and the center hole is chamfered top an bottom to reduce the formation of potential fractures over time.

Add $29.95 for 9" Cobra Finned decal, or $39.95 for 14"   (Please specify engine cubic inch numerals/letters to be shown - 6 Max.)

These air cleaner tops can be damaged by being attacked by some fuels, shock, and heat which could result in engine failure if the damaged particles enter the engine. This product is best used for mild street, drive-in and show situations.

INSTALLATION TIP: The beveled center hole allows the use of a bolt with a small O-ring under the head, requiring only gentle pressure to seal the top to the filter without damaging the top. The O-ring will keep resistance on the bolt and reduce the chance of it loosening up and backing out without over tightening the top.