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These custom crafted and strong yet super light weight aluminum engine, transmission and rear end breathers as well as surge tanks for radiators get the job done cleanly, and with class. These ultra high quality pieces are made from some of the highest quality aluminum and are meticulously TIG welded to exacting tolerances for a highly professional appearance high performance operation.

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All come brushed -  For mirror buffed show polish add $45 per piece


Remote Breather Tank
$79.95 1 qt pt# CVBT-1
Lightweight aluminum with isolated internal baffle tube, 1/2" NPT drain petcock & 3/8" NPT threaded side inlet fitting with washable clamp on breather. Excellent for keeping oil residue off valve covers and for extending differential and transmission breathers. With TIG welded mounting bracket. 3"x 11" 
1 qt. capacity

Remote Breather Tank
$89.95 1 qt pt# CVBT-2
Same as the breather tank to the left but with TWO threaded pipe fittings to allow two inlets to be directed to one breather tank. 3"x 11"
1 qt. capacity

(left) Shows the Internal baffle incorporated in both of the above breather tanks that separates liquid from vapor to prevent seepage through the filter. Collected liquid is trapped in the bottom of the tank for later drainage.

Remote Surge Tank
$99.95 1 qt pt# CVST-2

Ultra-Lightweight aluminum with a #6 AN side and a #10 AN bottom fitting welded into the tank. Formed filler neck with sealed cap included! Perfect for a cleanly plumbed S.S. aircraft hoses as a remote surge or reservoir tank for radiator. Does not include mounting bracket (optional)
3.5"x 8.5" 1 qt. capacity

Tank Mount Bracket
$16.95 pt# CVTBKT
Powder coated steel mounting plate and contoured curved bracket to mount the above or any 3" diameter Tank to any flat surface. 3.5"x 3.5" 

Remote Surge Tank
pt# CVST-1 1 qt $89.95
Heavy gauge aluminum with 1/2" NPT threaded drain & 3/8" NPT side

inlet with billet aluminum radiator cap neck. (does not include cap) Excellent for remote surge or reservoir tank for radiator. With TIG welded mounting bracket. (if using as an overflow tank, use standard radiator cap for aesthetic purposes, but drill a vent hole in disc under cap to relieve pressure. 3.5"x 8.5" 1 qt. capacity 

Remote Overflow/Recovery Tank  pt.# CVRT1
$69.95 1 qt. Lightweight aluminum with 1/2" NPT threaded drain petcock & 3/8" NPT side inlet. Excellent for use as a overflow and recovery for radiators. TIG welded mounting bracket. 3.5"x 8"  1 qt. capacity

Remote Overflow & Recovery Tank
CVRT2  2qt $89.95
Side mount lightweight aluminum with two 1/4" NPT threaded inlet & drains, or vent opening depending on the application. Excellent for use as an overflow or recovery for radiators. With TIG welded mounting flange 4.5" x 6". 2 qt capacity

Note the exact & meticulous welds along with the thick heady duty aluminum
materials used in every one of our Remote breathers and surge tanks. Made for the most demanding conditions

A fully Polished option is available for the best of both worlds of functionality and appearance.