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There are a few gaskets for the Superformance header collector, but we collaborated with the manufacturing facility to create a better, stronger, longer lasting trouble free gasket than ever before!

This new header collector gasket designed just for most Cobra header to side pipe collector flanges is thinner, more dense and does not cause the collector flanges to distort under compression! It solves all the concerns of previous gaskets and incorporates the ultra sealing qualities of the 100% flexible graphite material that reduces center flange burnout up to 3,000 degrees.

Much better sealing than even the custom made factory or aftermarket gaskets
. - Fits many other brands, too!


Improved Hi Performance
Solid Graphite flange Gasket
for most Cobra* Header Collector Flange
use with straight non-distorted flanges
NOTE: This gasket may fit other brands


Repair Gasket - Hi Performance
Solid Graphite flange Gasket
for damaged Cobra* Header Collector Flange
use with distorted or warped flanges for
additional sealing up to 1/16" uneven gaps
NOTE: This gasket may fit other brands

*** Measure here to see fit for your car brand

The amazing conformity and flexibility of the 100% Pure Graphite material fills in all scratches, gouges, pits, deformities, distortions and voids to provide a superior seal with maximum longevity and reliability!

Shown are the thicker "Repair" version along side the thinner "Improved" version of this new gasket line up.
Use the
Repair gasket to seal up deformed or warped flanges. Use the Improved version for normal applications.


These special gaskets likely fit other brand manufacturers and other applications not yet listed. So we included a diagram for you ro compare your own used  gaskets to. Sometimes the comparisons are not exactly perfect, but this allows you to decide whether they will work for your specific application.

Notice the burned out edges of this popular aftermarket gasket modeled after the original equipment being removed after only a few hundred miles of usage when it began to create an exhaust leak.