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no cap     = 212 degrees boiling point
18-22 psi = 261 degrees boiling point
21-25 psi = 266 degrees boiling point
29-31 psi = 276 degrees boiling point

Works with both standard open overflow AND closed recovery tank systems!

Prevents and reduces cooling passage hot spots, reduces temperatures, increases boiling points and allows clear water coolant which provides more cooling and anti-freeze

High Performance Racing radiator pressure caps with lever lock safety release (exc. 28-31psi version). High quality and available in three different pressure ratings.
18-22psi, 21-25psi and 29-31psi. By Stant.   
SPECIAL SALE!  $24.95  (save $6)

Billet Polished Aluminum radiator pressure cap
Hexagon: $29.95   16psi rating.   (save $10)

Billet Chromed Aluminum radiator pressure cap
Knurled: $24.95    16psi rating.   (save $10)

High Performance Racing radiator pressure cap in 13 psi rating for increased boiling point and improved engine cooling. Built in sealed temperature gauge ranges from 20 degrees to 280 degrees F and -2 to 138 degrees C. Prevents  burns by eliminating doubt before removing. Provides a redundant cross check when unexpected temperatures are displayed by the existing dashboard gauge. Shiny chrome finish. Twists right into existing radiator cap opening on all domestic OEM and racing radiators

SPECIAL SALE!  $39.95  (save $8)

Infrared adhesive backed Thermal Barrier Insulating tape can be wrapped around objects needing to be cooler than surrounding components. Great for air intakes, cables, floor boards, firewalls, etc.
SPECIAL SALE!  $18.95  (save $5)

Fiberglass weave Thermal Insulating wrap is designed to cover hot components, shielding heat from surrounding objects. Great on headers, exhaust, or Cat's. Now in BLACK color!

1"x50' SPECIAL SALE!  $34.95  (save $15)
2"x50' SPECIAL SALE!  $49.95  (save $25)

Aluminum externally finned in-line tube cooler. Add cooling capacity to your transmission, engine oil, power steering or even radiator coolant. Use in place of cooling lines to provide additional heat dispersion while saving space. Mount anywhere… along frame and behind the body panels. Extremely strong, durable and incredibly leak resistant. Can be cut, threaded and even bent. Use multiple units in parallel (side by side) or in series. Extremely efficient. Needs no fan or auxiliary forced air supply. Has slotted base for using "T" studs for mounting, or use common "U" brackets for mounting to flat surfaces. Use separately or with another cooling device.
3/4" NPT thread on each end. 36" long x 1.00" I.D. x 1.75" O.D.
SPECIAL SALE!  $59.95  (save $20)