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This beautiful CNC Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum body Distributor has a small diameter base for maximum clearance and  contains a precision upper support bearing with an extended length bronze lower bushing to provide reliability, smooth operation and accurate timing even at high RPMs past 10,000. The Magnetic trigger will work with most electronic ignition modules. The fully adjustable mechanical advance can be tuned with the included variable rate springs and adjustable advance limiter bushings. A plug wire retainer hat is also included for free! A special treated Melonized hardened iron drive gear is installed at no extra cost ($80 value!) allows operation on most Iron and Steel, Hydraulic and Mechanical, Flat and roller tappet cams.   *(Billet 8630 carburized steel super hardened mechanical Roller cams should use a coated steel or bronze gear - not included).


Billet SuperPro-Distributor w/Melonized gear
Ford 289-302


Billet SuperPro-Distributor w/Melonized gear
Ford 351w


Billet SuperPro-Distributor w/Melonized gear
Ford 351c/351m/400/429/460


Replacement Cap and Retainer for above


Replacement Rotor for above


Replacement Magnetic Pickup for above


Custom Distributor Re-curving
Custom high performance curve rate and advance range set up into the distributor by hand before you even get it. Advance mechanism is lubricated to inhibit corrosion from internal ozone and moisture. All you have to do is drop it in! Please supply the following specs along with your order;

1. Engine displacement:
2. Compression ratio:
3. Cylinder head model/material
4. Cam & Lifter type/material

5. Current ignition type
6. High RPM limit of your engine
7. Average cruise RPM you prefer

Right: is the included variable advance springs & bushings >>

Below: is our custom advance & re-curving process in progress