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This low amperage draw 12 volt duct fan fits standard duct hose. Excellent for cooling brakes or remote locations where traditional fans can't fit, such as blowing air across carburetor bowls to reduce vapor locking in high temperature conditions. These little fans pack an incredibly high CFM output with minimal noise and only a *2* amp draw (about the same as a single tail light bulb!). Made from extremely Lightweight PVC. Use with standard duct hose or stand alone without hose.


Electric 3" Duct Fan - Compact
145 cfm 
(3"wide x 5"long)


Electric 3" Duct Fan - HiFlo
170 cfm 
(4.25"wide x 8"long)


Electric 4" Duct Fan - SuperFlo
240 cfm 
(4.5"wide x 5"long)

Bring Cool, re-routed air to...
* Brakes to prevent road debris from being picked
    up from low mounted scoops
* Bring Cool air to hot Differentials, Transmissions, etc.
* Bring cool air to percolating carburetor bowls to reduce
    the effects of vapor lock
* Increase passenger compartment heater volume in
    inadequate heating systems.
* Add rear seat heating to older vehicles without it
* Evacuate excess underhood heat out of cramped and
    un-vented engine compartments

145 CFM - 3" fan               170 CFM - 3" fan                      240 CFM - 4" fan

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