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Clean fuel and low restriction do not exactly come as one in the same. Usually the filtration required to clean fuel of all the nasty debris results in a high restriction of fuel flow. This may be acceptable for low performance daily grocery getters, but on a high performance engine demanding consistent fuel flow, this lack of fuel at high rpm can result in severe engine damage caused by a high speed lean out, not to mention the huge lack of performance and tuning problems associated with inconsistent fuel flow.

Debris in the fuel can come from the refinery, the tanker that hauled it to the depot, the truck that carried it to the gas station, the tanks in the ground at the pump and even more debris from the filling process as well as the corrosion in your tank. Even the smallest particle can change fuel flow characteristics, not to mention plugging up jets and filters.

Here are two very high flow filter options with removable, reusable and cleanable screen elements to get you back into full service fast and easy.