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This easy, 5 minute clamp on device allows you to run a fuel return line from either fuel injection or a carburetor back to the tank with no modifications to the fuel tank, and without remove it. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Running it a fuel return line removes hot fuel from the engine compartment as it waits to enter the engine and empties it back to the tank allowing cool fuel to be sent back to the engine. This constant flow reduces fuel boiling, vapor lock, and provides easier starting and smoother running during hot conditions. This also keeps fuel fresher especially on short start-ups due to the entire contents of the fuel tank being recirculated in just minutes of running. Also mixes in fuel additives much faster and more effecient.

Simply remove your fuel filler vent hose, insert the
CoolFule™ adapter between the vent hose and the tank and clamp down and run your return like to it. That's it!

This compact simple looking device consists of some very special features. The High flow compact "TEE" is made from
304 Stainless Steel ensuring that is will never rust or corrode. The fittings are high quality brass for corrosion prevention as well as a solid secure fluid-tite seal.

The return inlet has a unique built in baffle and flow redirector to prevent the return fuel from entering the vent tube and spraying up out of the filler cap. Something especially beneficial when the engine is running and you open the gas cap. This also prevents fuel foaming and aeration inside the tank since it directs the fuel directly down into the tank rather than right near the pickup tube like most other returns. This unique flow redirector also allows full unrestricted venting to the filler neck when fueling up.

This kit comes with a high quality premium
Gates fuel rated 5/8" vent hose to couple the adapter to the tank, and all of the necessary high quality premium HD Stainless Steel hose clamps.

Completely assembled and ready to install!

How it works...

Inside, the diverter valve is ported to return fuel directly into the tank, yet still allow unrestricted venting from the tank to the filler cap

This straight on view shows just how little space the diverter valve takes up while allowing full fuel return flow & full tank ventering flow


CoolFuleFuel Return Line Tank Adapter - 3/8" Return
For 3/8" return line and a 5/8" vent hose
Includes 5/8" fuel hose from adapter to tank and all necessary S.S. clamps


Different Return Line Fitting than above  (1/4" - 5/16" - 1/2" - 5/8")

(optional fully polished version shown)

This unique diverter valve routes return fuel directly to its destination

Original OEM fuel filler hose and vent hose

Cool Fule™ Return Line Tank Adapter installed