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Dress up your under hood with these accurate, durable and good looking gauges. Choose between the unique engine-turned machined faces increases the elegance of your ride and greatly enhances the under hood appearance, or the easily readable black faced white numbered gauges, or the even easier to read white faced black numbered gauges. Select the Glycerin liquid filled versions for vibration dampening and long life under severe conditions while the air filled gauges will save some money and weight. Use for monitoring fuel pressures, as a double check on the oil pressure, and even to indicate the pressure of your cooling system to warn you when taking off the radiator cap, or to verify radiator cap pressure release levels.

*  Chromed steel case 
*  High impact face
*  Precision internal components
*  Dampened needle resist fluctuation
*  Vibration resistant  *  Fast reacting
*  Super accurate  *  Extremely reliable
*  Easy to read increments
*  Small compact footprint

Liquid Filled Black Face - White needle

Liquid Filled Carbon Fiber Face look

Liquid Filled White Face - Red needle

Liquid Filled Nitrous Pressure

2" diameter Under hood liquid filled water / oil temperature gauge threads directly into the block, cylinder head, radiator bung, oil filter adaptor or any other similar type location. 0 to 250 degrees F. Provides a redundant cross check when unexpected temperatures are displayed by the existing dashboard gauge. 3/8" NPT fitting.   
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