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Tame a race engine down for the street... and more!
The Governor carb spacer incorporates removable venturi sleeves so you can change air flow rates as well as modify torque curves and the range of your power band. The anti-reversionary effect of the removable venturi sleeves act as "one way valves" improving low end torque and maintaining performance across the entire power band without significantly sacrificing higher end performance. It's like having multiple sized carbs in one!.

The 1 inch tall billet aluminum spacer reduces heat transfer to the carburetor improving overall efficiency, performance and economy. The precision removable sleeves are perfectly machined for a precise fit and size and are marked for identification just like carb jets are. With multiple sleeve sets to you can mix and match sizes to fine tune your engines individual banks to compensate for manifold variations as well modify the secondary airflow rates when the four barrels kick in.

Sleeves are quickly and easily changed to fine tune your engine for specifically your usage requirements. Simply remove your carburetor, lift out the old sleeves and slip in the new ones and you're are set. It's that easy!

STREET APPLICATIONS:  If you have built a pretty good engine with a lot of power, most likely it also is a pretty good revver and makes lots of top end power. However, low end torque and smooth drivability may had to have been sacrificed a bit to achieve that. Now you can have both with the advantage of being able to "open 'er up" for track days as well as sleeve it down for maximum economy and performance for long range road trips. Heading out on a long vacation? A few minutes might get you miles to the gallon more... and well worth the effort. Rather than switching and playing with different carbs all the time, all you need is the Governor!

RACE APPLICATIONS:  Here is just one example for road and circle track racing. If you have a pretty good running engine set up for longer tracks and you find your engine isn't getting up into the power band before the corner, rather than the arduous task of changing gearing, simply slip in a different set of Variable Venturis to bring your peak power band down the perfect level for the track you are running on. This can be done during practice in just minutes to achieve the perfect combination. And if you find the back end sliding out from under you coming out of a corner, you can govern the power to reduce that surprise, allowing you to focus on the race rather than on your pedal... only with the Governor.

In drag racing you can control your launch from the line, tame wheel spin as well as preventing "break outs" in bracket racing. This can be done as the night cools off and more power is generated in just a few minutes under the hood with
the Governor.

Tune for any track, and condition, any time in just minutes with
the Governor, .

MARINE  APPLICATIONS:  Have a high performance high end inboard but find it difficult to pull skiers out of the water? Now you can still bully the other top end race boats on the water as well as torque heavy skiers gently out of the water by just a few minutes with the Governor under your carb!

HINT: To facilitate quicker carb removal, use long valve cover style wingnut hold downs to allow removal with out the need for tools in just seconds!


Variable Venturi 1" Spacer
includes one set of (4) removable sleeves
Please specify size from chart below


Additional Venturi Sleeves
one set of (4) removable sleeves
Please specify size from chart below


Master Set - Venturi Sleeves
four sets of (4) removable sleeves
(4) 1.400 - (4) 1.300 - (4) 1.200 - (4) 1.100

1.000"   Thick in height
1.690"   Hole Diameter without sleeve installed
1.690"   Largest inside diameter of venturi sleeve

Smallest Largest inside diameter of venturi sleeve available in variable sizes for fine tune adjustments...
                       1.400"                      1.200"
                       1.350"                      1.150"
                       1.300"                      1.100"
                       1.250"                      1.000"

...Comparable Carburetor venturi diameter sizes:
             650 cfm = 1.280"           750 cfm = 1.400"
             850 cfm = 1.560"           950 cfm = 1.590"

The Removable Venturi Sleeves are available in sets of four (4) in the openings shown. The sizes above are the diameter of the sleeve to which they neck "down" to, with the other end of the cone being the larger 1.690" diameter.

Normal reversionary pulses are created by the incoming air flow being interrupted as the intake valve closes, essentially stopping the momentum in the intake runner momentarily. During this event, the reversionary pulses try to back up through the carb at low RPM during intake valve closures, creating a "Bog" and loss of low end power and torque.

The Anti-Reversionary effect of the newly added removable venturi sleeves reduce this effect, improving low end torque and power. Additionally, the increased air speed created by the funneling effect of the venturi in the spacer aid in air/fuel mixture homogenization resulting in improved performance, increased power and efficient economy without significantly sacrificing performance at the other end of the power band.