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Had enough of the unnecessary and untimely failures from other problematic Miserable Spark Devices?  Well, here is the solution! This unique ignition and wiring system provides maximum performance of your engine, with quick and easy swapping of various and different ignition modules and to other vehicles also equipped with the Cobra Valley HotSwap ignition system.

Crane® Hi-6 digital ignition has an onboard digital dial adjust rev limiter and built in diagnostic troubleshooting indicator. The high powered Crane® Nascar coil releases even more additional power from the Crane® Fireball box! The HotSwap Crane HI-6 box and Nascar E-coil combo kit comes with the HotSwap quick disconnect plugs.
Hardwire kit comes with the same above box and coil components, but without the quick disconnect ends where you just hardwire the ignition in place of your previous one.


CobraValley HotSwap HarnessMF
Set of male & female plugs
Pre-wired to 6" long wire looms
you wire to car and box)


Cobra Valley HotSwap HarnessF
Set of female plugs Pre-wired to 6" long wire looms (
you wire to car)


Cobra Valley HotSwap HarnessM
Set of male plugs Pre-wired to 6" long wire looms (
you wire to box)


The above 3 harnesses comes with a 6" vehicle side harness. Customize the length of the vehicle side harness for direct wiring with no splices.

per total foot


Cobra Valley HotSwap Plug-in
WE wire to your existing box
that you send in to us (male only)
the above prewired harnesses for Crane, MSD or Duraspark II ignition boxes only





Cobra Valley HotSwap Add-on
Wire for vehicle Plug if adding a Crane Ignition retard unit
Takes only seconds to insert into your existing HotSwap plug on the vehicle harness side

These special proprietary harnesses are NOT supplied or made by Crane® or anyone else, instead, we at Cobra Valley created and wired up these ignition boxes with the new Cobra Valley HotSwap WeatherPack plug and wiring system.

Customer's Duraspark box sent in - custom wired by us!

Unlike other ignition boxes which have small, fragile and easily bent connector pins, our robust connectors are protected  from damage and being bent even during the unpreventable hurried or careless plug-ins. Our connections are individually hand crimped and each terminal is hand soldered and individually assembled for professional race and street reliability. After all, having to stop in a middle of a race on the Super Speedway is almost as bad as stopping in rush hour traffic!

Customer's MSD Ignition sent in - custom wired by us!