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Confused by all the great options available for the HotSwapIgnition box and wiring harness configurations? Well, here is the solution! This unique ignition and wiring system provides maximum flexibility for each individual application and can be personalized for your exact needs!

Listed below are numerous different scenarios that should cover all the needs and combinations you may come across. If you have a configuration you need assistance on, please feel free to email or call us at the email button or telephone number above.

When we developed the
Hot-Swap™ Ignition Plug and harness systems, we wanted to base them off the absolute best ignition module possible. Having over 20 years of experience with them, it was easy to decide on Crane, and why we use them!

1.  REPLACE your existing ignition with the BEST New High Performance Ignition module and Nascar Coil with the HotSwap™ plug and play wiring harness (male) already pre-wired to your Crane Hi-6 Ignition module, AND the corresponding (female) plug and wiring harness you wire to your car, already included.

2.  CHOOSE to purchase the above without the mating Hot Swap plugs and wiring harness or Crane coil and use with other aftermarket coils, but the output of the ignition performance will not be nearly as impressive.

3.  ADD a Crane Adjustable Spark Retard. This allows you to custom tailor your ignition advance while on the road to maximize power and feel the instant difference in real time as you drive. You can also use this device to retard your timing to enable you to take advantage of less expensive lower octane fuel while on trips and while not under heavy load or performance conditions. Capitalizing on this aspect alone can pay for itself in just a few tankfuls!

4.  ADD another HotSwap™ (male) plug and harness you can hard wire to another one of YOUR ignition boxes to use as a back up that will quickly interchange with your HotSwap™  wired vehicle.

5.  ADD another HotSwap™ (female) plug and harness you can hard wire to another one of your vehicles that will quickly interchange with the other HotSwap™ wired Ignition boxes.

6.  BUY our pre-wired brand new DuraSpark-II as your primary ignition module, or as a small, compact, cost effective standby backup ignition. A brand new ignition will ensure you have a reliable ignition control device when needed, where you need it. Out on the road in the middle of no where. (Note, this box requires the standard coil to operate. The Crane Nascar coil can overheat this box).

7.  SEND in your own Ignition box to have us pre-wire (male) HotSwap™ plug and harness to the box (with no splices) and our hand crimped, hand soldered and weather sealed connections. You can send in your primary ignition you wish to keep using, or send in your backup ignition you wish to be compatible with other HotSwap™ devices

8.  ADD another HotSwap™ ready-2-wire female harness in your car's tool box so you can use your pre-wired HotSwap™ backup or standby Ignition on another car without having to modify your HotSwap™ plug. Just temporarily crimp the loose wires of this harness to the car you need to convert, and then just plug into your pre-wired spare HotSwap™ ignition box!

9.  PURCHASE male and female HotSwap™ harness assembly you can hard wire to your own ignition box, and to your vehicle without sending in your existing box.

10.  POPULAR PACKAGES & COMBINATIONS below are some of the most popular packages and combinations using the numbered selections above;

PACKAGE A:  "Getting a new ignition system"
Purchase Product  1

  "Get a new ignition system, and a backup, and a harness to adapt to other cars in emergency"
Purchase Products  1 + 6 + 8

PACKAGE C:  "Get a new ignition system, convert yours into a backup, and a harness to adapt to other cars"
Purchase Products  1 + 7 + 8