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Filters down to 27 micron - (20 microns or less recommended for
   100,000 mile daily drivers with long terms between oil changes)
-  Filtration technology experts determined particles below 20
   microns are not large enough to produce engine wear, but the
   restrictive elements that reduce oil pressure, will!
-  Only drops oil pressure by less than
2.5 psi for maximum flow
    over NO filter at all!
500 psi burst capacity housing
White finish for no-frills all out competition performance


Buna-N Gasket and gasket retainer prevent leaks and is compatible with street and racing lubricants and fuels

Rolled formed threads insure precise and smooth spin-on fit

Anti-drain back valve keeps oil in the engine eliminating dry start-ups after shut down

Extra thick Steel backplate provides added protection against pressure surges

Hi flow, low restriction filter is perfect for all oils, including thicker Racing oils

White Hard Powder Coated finish will not flake or peel

Filter element provides maximum flow with minimal pressure drop while removing harmful particles

Pleated element design increases filtration area

Extra thick housing with tuck seam withstands up to 500 psi