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"This is thee best shifter for the Tremec Trans,
PERIOD! Nothing is smoother and quicker…"
This billet aluminum Pro-5.0 Shifter is the ultimate upgrade for the Cobra Tremec transmissions. This direct bolt on unit makes shifting much easier, firmer more positive and quicker! Never miss a shift again with this silky smooth shifter. Closer 30% ratio makes shift throws shorter & quicker. Adjustable shift stops allow for perfect shifts every time. Even original authentic Cobra reverse style shifter handle attaches with just minor modifications in some cases. Shift handle not included.


Pro 5.0-1 Shifter (less handle) for...
Tremec 3550 & 3550-TKO only

($181.00 when purchased with debris cover)


Pro 5.0-2 Shifter (less handle) for...
Tremec 500 & 600 only

($191.00 when purchased with debris cover)

Tremec® 500/600 Applications:

From Pro 5.0 Manufacturing:  "...The 'billet aluminum' shifter that comes on the new 500/600 transmissions looks ironically very similar to the tried and proven Pro 5.0 look, shape and color that has been the best upgrade possible to their previous models. However, on the inside, there are several very important differences...

While the 'integral stops' advertised for the transmissions are said to 'eliminate the need for stops on the shifter', the integral stops on the sliders will not protect the shift forks from all the abuse they see. However,
the Pro 5.0 shifter does.

The Pro 5.0 shifter has a 30% shorter throw and is *significantly* tighter in feel and glides much smoother from gear to gear.

The ball on the Pro 5.0 shifter is made with the same Teflon material used in hip joint replacements in the medical field, and will
last longer and will stay much tighter for a longer period during the most extreme conditions..."    - Joe Lake, Manager:  Pro 5.0 shifters

The Pro 5.0 does not have a debris cover to protect the internal mechanism of the shifter. We have the solution to that right here!

Click above to see the Debris Cover Boot

$229.95 5.0-1
$239.95 5.0-2

SPECIAL! Both the Pro 5.0 Shifter & Shifter Cover Package! 
( save $19.00 )

Make your Tremec shift as smooth as glass and stay cooler under the more severe conditions with Ultra-Shift!  (click left)

The Pro 5.0 Shifters utilize as special Teflon bearing surface on their pivot ball providing silky smooth and effortless movement,  with no bolts to fall out into the transmission like the stock shifter can.

For reference this is the "new style" stock Tremec 500/600 supplied shifter. It has the external look of the Pro 5.0, but not the internal design, construction or performance.

NOTE: There are retainer bolts on the underside of this shifter that can loosen and fall out into the transmission halting operation. The Pro 5.0 does not have exposed bolts on the underside of their shifter and can not fall out and lock up a transmission.