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A racing intake for the street! The Thunderport is specifically designed for the small block Ford engine. This beautifully polished aluminum intake manifold is more than just another pretty face. Underneath all that gleaming alloy lie tunnels of high flow performance just waiting to ram your air-fuel charge home.

Thunderport's fully isolated divided plenum and high flow gradual twisted curve runners generates violent low end torque for pulling maximum G's coming out of tight turns while turning on brutal horsepower in the mid to upper RPM ranges during full throttle blasts down the high speed straights.

Thunderport's efficient dual plane design provide remarkably smooth and civilized road manners on the street while maximizing efficiency for significantly improved fuel mileage during those long range highway road trips. 

Even when standing still the gleaming Thunderportt looks like it's going 200 miles per hour under your hood! This show stopper is the ultimate touch to dress up you engine compartment not to mention increasing both power and economy at the same time. The perfect addition to any street-strip-show machine.

for Small Block Ford 351-w

This intake has been designed for maximum performance throughout the entire RPM range. No spacer is required with this intake. If a thermal spacer is desired, use only a 4 hole or divided spacer to retain the effect of the divided plenum. Converting to an open spacer may gain

only a few horsepower in the extreme upper rpm ranges but at the sacrifice in a
significant loss of low and mid range rpm torque and horsepower as well as reduced fuel efficiency and economy.

The port runners are straight in with minimal bends in the curves which could otherwise slow the air flow and separates the air/fuel mixture a low engine speeds, thus reducing low end torque and decreasing fuel efficiency.

Note velocity enhancing transition from plenum chamber to the port runners for maximum low end torque multiplication as well as upper end rpm flow capacity with minimal sacrifice in fuel economy at cruising speeds..