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Shifter Debris Cover

This cover boot fits directly on the shifter housing, under the interior shift boot...
This newly revised and improved slip on rubber cover boot fits the Tremec Pro 5.0 shifter assemblies and effectively prevents debris entering the top of the precision lubricated shifting mechanism which is otherwise open to the elements. This bellows cover boot simply and easily stretches to fit over the shifter ring and adjustment bolts and snaps to a tight fitting seal to the barrel of the shifter housing to keep debris and moisture out of the mechanism. The natural elasticity is all that's needed to maintain this tight fitting seal both top and bottom with no clamps, rings or zip ties required. This allows for quick and effortless removal of the cover boot at anytime for immediate access to the shifter for shift linkage stop adjustments. The incredibly soft and supple rubber material offers minimal resistance to the shifter which can otherwise force the shifter out of gear due to the stress and pull of a thicker, stiffer boot. This is especially a concern in colder weather or with higher vibration applications. Note: This boot is designed to fit under the aesthetic boot in the interior of the car, and to seal the Pro 5.0 from the elements. The non-Mustang shift boot will not seal the Pro 5.0 shifter itself, but merely just separates the cockpit from the undercarriage. This boot is necessary to keep the Pro 5.0 clean in anything but stock Mustang replacement applications.


Shifter cover for Pro 5.0  & other Shifters with a 3"- 4" dia. tower

Click above to see the Pro 5.0 Billet Aluminum Shifter


I got the (Cobra Valley's) debris cover for the Pro 5.0 shifter. It is a very high quality piece. Looks really nice and made to a very high standard. 
-Bill Austin, Tennessee