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These super small compact high torque starters are way smaller than most with the same or more power! The compact size means more clearance from surrounding exhaust resulting in cooler and more efficient operation and increased longevity with minimal power draw.

The solid center pilot shaft eliminates the need for the external cast support housing for the floating type shafts which are prone to cracking. The solid Billet aluminum mounting flange allows you to index the starter to be clocked in several different positions for optimal clearance. The flange can also be adjusted to alter the gear mesh depth for a perfect fit. Note:
The big block starter can have a threaded upper hole to fit OEM applications or drilled out for the aftermarket.

6.0" Overall length - flange mounting to end of motor
5.5" Overall length - flange mounting to end of body

-  4.4:1 gear reduction increase
-  Delivers 185 ft/lbs torque
-  Heavy Duty
-  Super small size and weight reduction
-  Built in solenoid - No need for fire wall unit
-  Clockable flange to reposition elec. motor
-  Adjustable depth engagement ring


Hi Torque Super Mini starter
for all Ford 289/302/351w+ (w/157 fylwheel)


Hi Torque Super Mini starter
for all Ford 351m/400m/429/460