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"... our Hand Crafted Super-Tite grommets are SO tight, 'installation instructions' are included! "

The problem is most breathers fit looser in the valve cover than desired due to the grommet. We have developed a super tight fitting grommet where  a coat of oil is required to slip the tight fitting breather into the valve cover grommet
! This allows for limited movement under even hot and high vibration conditions, especially with PCV hose fitted breathers. We make them for both 1/8" thin and 1/4" thick valve covers, and each is hand machined to the right size for the absolute tightest fit possible.

This is another Cobra Valley Exclusive!

Meticulously and individually machined to size from a virgin rubber mold, the inside diameter is uniquely shaped almost like an hour glass to grip the breather neck at the top and bottom. These grommets hold tight even when the engine is hot while all other rubber grommets get softer and looser as heat up in the engine compartment. That results in the breather slipping and falling out under hard usage. Not only is it costly to loose a breather, but it's dangerous to others behind you not to mention the incredible mess of oil under your hood as well as the fire hazard associated with that. The Super-Tite Grommet solves all that!

Just twist your breather neck into this unassuming stealthy little
Super-Tite Grommet and its not going anywhere anymore until you want to remove it. These unassuming grommets appear to be just like the rest, but it's far from it as you will soon see because there are no rubber grommets on the market that holds your breathers in like these!


/ea. Super-Tite Grommet
for Valve Cover Breather
(for 1.00" I.D., 1.25" O.D.
1/4" thick valve cover)


/ea. Super-Tite Grommet
for Valve Cover Breather
(for 1.00" I.D., 1.25" O.D.
1/8" thick valve cover)

17mb .MOV

32mb .MOV

Our unique Super-Tite grommets work so well you can lift a 13 pound valve cover into mid air by the breather and with just the grommet holding it up... and shake it! Don't worry, it's not going anywhere!