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This small detail is often overlooked but results in a very much noticed and classy touch when finally upgraded!

Use to replace existing plain open face factory nuts on the back cover, back body and side case, or thread over the top of the existing nut where you may not want to remove the existing factory nut.

Highly hand polished to a beautiful, shining gleam that will really stand out and glisten in the sun. Brilliant Stainless Steel will not rust and requires no polishing or maintenance other than a spray of water or a quick wipe if needed. Resists road dust making them stay shiny and beautiful all the time. The Stainless Steel washers have smooth rounded edges on the face for an elegant addition to this already outstanding hardware package


/set of 52 Pcs
26 nuts + 26 washers

Polished Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts
& washers for ZF Transaxle Cover
Fits GT40 and PANTERA - 8mm x 1.25

Before upgrade

After upgrade

In some cases the threads are exceptionally long and protrude far past the stock open nuts, you can double nut with the new cap nuts over the originals one where removing the original nut may not be desirable.