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This polyurethane transmission mount controls transmission and engine movement while isolating driveline vibrations and noises.

Stronger and firmer than rubber, this upgrade in place of stock extends mount life while improving driveline stability as well as reducing wheel hop and unnecessary transmission movement.

Simply replaces your stock, low performance or worn out rubber piece. (typical style of mount type used in Superformance Mark-III installations).

Complete with mounting hardware, nuts and washers.


Poly Transmission Mount
for many Tremec 3550 & TKO
applications, and more...

This is a direct replacement for most Superformance Mk-III Cobras up to chassis 2900-ish. After that when the ZF differential was used a taller mount may have been originally used, and up to a 1" spacer block under the mount may be required to restore the correct factory drive shaft angle & reduce driveline vibrations. This keeps the flexible portion of the mount as small and firm as possible while still producing the same height and proper driveline geometry

Please measure you mounting hole pattern to insure this will match your application